How can music take you to such places in a moment… my morning walk to the tube feels different every day… the same steps.. but with different notes, a different pace, different feeling. The same sights but ever changing under a differently shining sun.
This morning as I shut my front door it shone brightly making my messy golden hair light up and catching my eyes in a way that they looked at everything like it was a beautifully orchestrated scene from a romantic movie .
 I left my little girl who had shown herself in all her beauty last night… powerful yet vulnerable, loving yet cynical. streetwise yet unsure… she doesn’t even recognise her magic yet.. boy does she have hidden magic inside that understated elegance. A girl from a by gone era that others don’t understand… the mystery that she has that must make other girls jealous. No wonder they are trying to sideline her… she would evaporate them in a second if she wielded her powers such is the strength of her magic but that would never be her way…
she is pushing towards the light, embracing her aloneness and seeking to be a person of integrity… what could possibly ever make me prouder than to see a girl who doesn’t want to be defeated by others lack of it. But they are still  kids while  she has become an inspiring young woman.
So my heart soared with the thoughts of what her life might one day be and of what mine was is and will always be. The music soared as I crossed the bridge to the platform and felt like I wanted fo spin with my arms outstretched.. and just for a moment I thought and I looked round and looked down on the platform… so visible … such a spectacle that would be .. so instead I reached the quietly hidden stairs and twirled. How I smiled as I emerged onto the platform… yes, you can see that I thought 😊

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