The Invisible Man

The invisible man …
I met you in the lift… 3 times.. you named me the Hippy Chick 😊 and you loved my beanie .. yeah Lots of people love my beanie and so do I .. it’s been there and seen a picture being painted over the past 3 years.. that beanie knows how all the colours fit together.
On our third random meeting you asked me if I wanted to come to a party.. why not I said .. tell me where to go.
A barrage of messages followed.. wow a little too much for me but intriguing and comical. Your confidence floored me but I appreciated the lightness even though your thoughts weren’t reciprocated … Like an outwardly crazier, much more confident and eccentrically unique version of me with songs flying across to me at all times of the work day saying a whole lot of stuff which in today’s climate of workplace etiquette might get you in a lot of trouble with the wrong person.
I laughed to myself in some of the similarities I saw but in a much more extreme way in you.
I admired your fearlessness.
No one cages ANY of your thoughts.
Many times I laughed out loud while I was working. Haha to be told you’re so professional but don’t think I can’t see your grrrrr… forgive my audacity but I would happily just take the one night with you 😂
you are an angel on the outside but so obviously a devil within.
A little cringe perhaps but boy did you make me chuckle in between the work                                      …delete delete delete..
I think at one point I said I was muting you.. it only made you work harder.
You said one day You saw me on the street strutting and smiling and you were all ready for a big hello and i walked straight past you.
Ovs I hadn’t noticed you .. I wasn’t looking i said.
I learnt a little more about you . you were a total cat in the house. The most sociable person I’ve ever come across.. people loved you because you just wanted to have fun and wanted everyone else to as well.
In a building that struggles sometimes to let itself go, you gathered everyone and anyone that was concealing their fun and let them loose. And on that party night I danced like I had been wanting to for weeks. Lost in a world that makes me very happy.. you were like a firefly … buzzing round me but not invading my space .. I think you knew.. you asked me where my heart lies.. I told you on a cloud floating. Too high up for anyone to’s not up for grabs.
I went home feeling revitalised. How I love to dance.
A couple of days later I was back and I was greeted by a backlog of emails. I don’t think I can blog any of them 😂 other than you love me when I’m dancing. You said you see what’s behind my quiet, calm easygoing exterior. The girl with all the passion. Haha hilarious …
..delete delete delete …
You are very entertaining 😊
But by the next day you had disappeared… no one knew where. You were there in the morning one minute and the next minute you had gone.. I didn’t realise until a couple of days after.. I had wondered where your barrage of emails had gone… Gone with such swiftness it left everyone reeling. Where did you go? What happened  fearless one? No one knows.
And No one has heard from you since… I hope you are ok …
I feel like you will be..
I don’t think anything or anyone could dampen your spirit. That we have in common.

And for me.. I like the mystery of the invisible man who was there in the lift one minute and gone the next…
You definitely added something to my last few months … I think mainly laughs…
but actually although you will never know, you were closer to seeing a side of me that is only visible to a few.
It’s funny what one person can see that another person cannot… and how difficult it is for one person to see and appreciate the whole work of art.

Your fearlessness made me post this…

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