Road to a Parisian Window

In my head sometimes the simplest things can end up feeling like something epically amazing!!!
As I walk about in the world I almost imagine myself being in the greatest movie of all time.

How do you capture that in words?
My girl once said to me.. ”sometimes I think that nothing in the world is real.. that it is all a big illusion”.
I love that thought!
So as an example..
Last Tuesday I started a new course.
The facts ..
Its a short writing course on a Tuesday night for 2 hours In a small part time learning college in London cost about 120 quid. For beginners .. no experience required.
That’s good because I have absolutely none. No formal training, just random thoughts.
My version… I always wanted to be a writer. When I was at school I loved English.. it was my favourite subject because I loved writing stories containing the adventures of me and my friends.
I have imagined what being a writer might look like .. sitting at the window of my Parisian apartment, with my red pen smelling the fresh flowers from the florist below… why not?!
I sat at work all day feeling excited at the prospect of beginning a new journey towards something just for myself.
This blog is the first time my thoughts have ever gone beyond my various notebooks . They are random and unedited. They are written just as they are thought. I am inspired by so much.. all the time.. it’s everywhere, and people especially. Trying to see the magic in people and who they really are, rather than just what sits on the surface. It’s like an adventure in itself. I find myself captivated by others.
So I spent most of the day imagining what the other people in my class might be like. I’ve done that before and never could I have imagined the beauty and wonder of the people I met then. Thats a whole other story.. that took me beyond my wildest dreams..
To have some inspiration from others is what I am really looking for in this class. To share my ideas in person and to see if they have any legs. To feel as though my thoughts and ideas have a place somewhere. Anywhere!
So off I trotted at 5pm on the tube. As ever I shared my excitement with a friend… why? because I love to share my excitement. They make it feel even more exciting.!!!
I loved the walk from the tube to the college. It was busy and I went on a little weavy route that took in the differences of London. Buildings that sit on top of each other, higgledy piggledy, in a way that seems unplanned but just works. It’s the thing I love most about London. The architecture through the different ages  matches the diversity of people who live here which together provides all the colour and texture for the most exciting picture the world has ever seen.
A first day at school on an autumnal evening and the college sat next to a park with several benches just in front.

Crisp leaves on the floor like a red carpet leading up to the show I was about to take part in.
That secret hidden quality in the air that makes it feel like something special might happen at any minute … literally.. any minute.
I sat on a bench and gave myself a few minutes for a song. These things need a build up .. what great movie doesn’t contain epic tunes .. And then I entered those big white doors.
My heart was beating fast with the promise of something wonderful. The receptionist could not have seen a more excited student looking at her across the counter… like I was about to win the award for best newcomer..
So the adventure begins.. Whatever it might look like I was going to capture it with both hands and make it mine.. what I wanted it to be..
when I entered the room I was the first one there. Just me and my new teacher… a really sweet lady.. A. I introduced myself and she smiled. She reminded me of an archetypal book worm.. kind and gentle and a little Miss Geist from Clueless.. with a mannerism of quiet enthusiasm.. I want to help you be writers… oh how much I can share with you in the world of books… I know so much do you want to hear? …
Oh yes Miss Geist I so want to hear…
We had a little chat.. she was like my teacher T when I started a previous short course that led to an epic 3 year journey.. she had that same warmth and kindness.. Back then her role was to help me believe in myself so that I could continue on… and I did.. but I’m happy for a brief encounter this time round..
Gradually the others drifted in. The first being a Japanese lady who I liked instantly.. her little plaster on her chin kept unsticking and I wanted to find her a new one because it was bothering her. I think I’ll always be a bit of a rescuer whatever the books say.
She carried some magic and when I heard her read later with her strong but gentle  Japanese voice it was like listening to a soothing and musical lullaby that made me want her to sing me to sleep every night. I can’t wait to hear her voice again.
Others drifted in… the northern lady that didn’t like her name .. so I asked her what she wanted to be called and when I said goodbye to her at the tube station later I used it. I might change my name as well… I think maybe Scarlet..
The lesson was the lesson… I wrote down the name of all the books I probably won’t read and wrote about my reason for calling my new blog “girl in the red coat”.. perhaps I’ll put it in here as a throwaway when I”m lost for words…
but the thing I loved most was taking turns reading paragraphs of the same story. Like an orchestra with no conductor coming together with different tones, accents, pace and feeling… it sounded beautiful…. and made me smile so much when I added my little bit of percussion at the end.
And my first time ever reading my words aloud to others.. I thought I would be nervous and hang back but I was like a greyhound coming out of the Stow traps.. I’m chasing something…

And in a blink that most delightful two hours was over and we all parted company… but I already felt a connection with this group of strangers… how strange that you can pass a person in the street not knowing that you might end up friends at some point..
I smiled all the way home on the tube… I danced up the hill carried along by tunes and at one point I put my arms out to the side like wings about to lift me up into the stars…
The road was quiet but I didn’t care..  anyways.. probably just looked like I’d been on the booze.. only this was a high that no substance could give me.. I felt completely free.
Roll on my next class… I might never be Shakespeare or Jane Austin but I have a voice.

.. and  maybe my new band of merry classmates will help me to tune  that voice  in a more beautiful way.
… or … perhaps like some crazy fantastical dream they might end being inspired by my tune.


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