Oh what a Carry On…

The first time I wrote something and shared it was when I wrote a script for a role play at my first counselling residential. It was called Carry on Counselling and was all about how not to be a counsellor. The main character was a person who was completely clueless in how to be or what it takes to be a counsellor. It didn’t feel like a stretch on the imagination to write that one. I wrote it with the view of the other 2 people in my group performing it on the day. I was too nervous to be in front of everyone.
But the night before I had managed to black out in the toilets of the convent home we were staying at, in the middle of the night, hitting my head on the floor so hard it was bleeding. It was as a result of tiredness but more so smoking and mixing drinks. When I came round I stumbled back to my room to the safety of my little bed only to find myself with the biggest headache of my life the next morning. Of course my beautiful friend came to check on me with some tea and toast, along with my tutor and my friend the nurse who in his hungover state looked at my head and said, “yeah ..looks ok”.
I must have been concussed because In that semi conscious moment I decided that I would play that clueless counsellor. I knew exactly what she looked like, after all I had created her. And it made everyone laugh which always has made me very happy.
Why tell that story? Because the last 3 years have been exactly that.
A proper Carry On..
In every epic way a carry on is.
I grew up on those babies, sitting in my own little world through the Christmas period watching all the films I could, whilst tucking into quality streets and cherryade. Nothing beat that time of year where for a couple of days things would feel calm and happy and in between we would play keepy uppies with a balloon in the air. In those moments I was a balloon.
Like most people Babs was my favourite. The little blond bombshell full of fun and giggles. She always got herself into mischief with cheeky ways which always had a childlike innocence to them. I wanted to be her. She had fun and was always happy but without hurting a soul.
“And fling”… I totally did. Into this adventure that I hadn’t really considered with any depth other than people seem to like me and I like them and I want people to be seen and helped like I wished people had seen and helped me. But It’s harder to see sadness behind your giggles.. babs taught me that.
The journey is more like a carry on box set to ever detail in this blog. But I thought this morning about where I was right now in that series.
Carry on abroad.. They all set of like the random individual crew that they were, full of high hopes of the beautifully described destination they were going to reach… it looked like Eutopia.
But of course they end up at a broken and run down hotel in the middle of a building site.
Hotel elsbells.
The promise of a sparkling new hotel in paradise ends up with cracks starting to show, water coming through the ceiling before the whole hotel gives way due to being built on a cesspit.
Yeah that pretty much describes it. Elsbels indeed.
But what I love about a carry on is that they always come out the other side laughing. Because despite the shit, that trip still had lots of charm. So many laughs along the way.. mainly Sid James. And and let’s face it, all those laughs will make you forget about any crazy shit that came before.
So while at the minute I might Carry on screaming, and remembering to Carry on don’t lose your head I will also keep reminding myself of the less well known Carry on loving because this unknown babs knows how she wants to Carry on in life. Happy, having fun, laughing and doing the most amazing thing you could ever imagine.

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