Thoughts from a Swing

I read a quote that I love..

Some days I wish I could go back in life not to change anything, but just to feel some things twice.”

Yes… I do.

It is so easy to wonder how things might look if I had been at a different stage in life in those pivotal moments. Whether things might look differently if they hadn’t happened. or been handled another way, or in another time, or a different mindset.
What if I had known and felt what I do now. Could I have altered those outcomes?
But the fact is in life that we are where we are in those moments, feeling what we feel. And in fact, perhaps if we hadn’t, then those moments would not have had the the same significance. . They were exactly what they should have been and taking us to where we are supposed to be.
I’m a big believer in destiny.
I am learning so much about my own emotions, what they look like, how I feel them and who I can and cannot share them with and why.

And those moments I would like to go back and feel again are exactly the reason why I have learnt so much and totally why I would never want to change them.

Good or Bad they were what they were in that moment.
But to feel some of them twice…

Oh yes….I would love to!


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