Taking Care

I’m travelling home after a Christmas lunch that continued well into the evening. Fun, Easygoing with a few glasses of wine leaving me rosy cheeked and smiley. And with a big realisation on my way home.
The lovely Batman as per every night we are out, whether that be a whole department Christmas do like tonight or just one of our small team nights, whether I’m drinking wine or water, walks me back to the tube like a chivalrous knight in times gone by. Kind and thoughtful is who he is even when he denys it. As we laughed on the way back I see through his double double triple bluff. You can’t hide what’s so evident in actions. He then messages the rest of my team, The Justice League, to say codenane GITRC, aka Wonder Woman is on the tube. 😊
They are like a family. These five men have become my dads, my brothers, my colleagues, my friends. They make sure I’m safe and happy, they mentor and coach me, they kick me up the ass when they know I can be more, and they laugh at me all the time as I laugh at them. And they also let me care about them too. I am, on the surface the fluffy one, so it’s easy for them to let me care and class it as me being “soft girl”. But there is a lot of fluff beneath their bravado just expressed in a very different way.
And it’s what makes it such a close little band of brothers.
What a lovely thing.
I can talk to them about all sorts of stuff. Each one giving me a different perspective.
I mean girl stuff.. they’re not quite in that place, but as I just said to Batnan, It is like having every man in one. You have to know them to understand it. Different doesn’t come close.
It’s the first all male team I ever worked in.
I have been lucky through the years in working within really amazing teams and this one has something different again. I learn so much, and more than the job ever requires.

I guess this might sound like I need rescuing. The girl in the team taken care of by the boys. Believe me when I say I don’t need to be rescued. I’m stronger than I might appear. But being cared about.. looked out for.. yeah that feels nice. And it’s a two way street in my book. Its easy to feel very alone in this world. Life moves along fast and everyone is caught up in their day to day. But I feel cared about. Do I tell them how much that means to me? Sonetimes, a little, after a couple of wines more likely. But actually it feels like more than words can say. It’s like people giving you a beautiful gift of “you matter” which I want to pass on whilst giving something back to them of equal value. I am lucky that I have this is in friendships, many of which are from teams gone by.
So this Christmas and beyond I will be try a little harder to do that with all the people in my life however close or far they are to me. Because life can be amazingly, dreamily and magically wonderful , I feel that every day.. but it can also feel very lonely when not shared with others.
That’s the beauty of being human. Connecting with others is how we roll.
And is without question the thing that makes me the happiest in this crazy thing we call LIFE.


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