A toast to an amazing day!!!

What a beautiful crisp sunny December morning. The sort that is perfectly wonderful at this festive time of year..
There is such a buzz in the air as I watch the Christmas build up play out around me and outside of the window from the little seat I’m perched on eating my salmon and cream cheese bagel in a very quaint cafe in this pretty town.
The build up feels like Christmas Eve.
I’m happily sitting and passing the time before I take the final little walk to the church where M is about to be married in an hours time…
I can’t believe it has come round so quickly. Feels like we were only just talking about it sitting under the fairy lights and flowers of that Italian restaurant on a warm evening in Lisbon.

Yesterday I was praying in a way that would make M proud of me, wishing for such a beautiful day. If anyone deserves that it’s her. She has such a beautiful heart which is backed up by her fun, and as me and L always say… her Chanel style sex appeal. This is one lucky man that found her in the co-op buying rice.

So as I listen to Christmas tunes and write this post, I want to remember all the fun moments that we have had. Too many to mention but they have had it all and when it comes to girly friends they don’t come no better than Laureliaga.
Happiness and love forever my wonderful friends and a toast to what I know will be an amazing day xxx

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