A Red Rucksack

Ive been on a very beautiful journey but it has been difficult to enjoy in all its wonder because of the very heavy suitcase I’ve been trying to carry. My overloaded suitcase that I’d squashed everything into and I had to sit on to make sure it was closed.

All that old clobber that left no room for the classic and vintage pieces alongside  the new and sparkly things. They are the pieces I want to continue my travels with.

I’ve spent the past 6 months unpacking that case. Not easy to throw away things that you’ve held on to for so long. Despite the fact that they were battered and worn and I”d had them so long they had become a part of an outfit that I didnt want to wear anymore.
But trying to unpack whilst still travelling is no easy feat. I’ve been throwing those things all over the place and making a bit of a mess as I go. And it’s amazing how much I have cried over some ugly things that didn”t fit me and I wouldn’t be seen dead in.. I was just carrying them. I guess I just hadn’t had time to unpack till now.

But the suitcase is finally empty and I can start to repack all the bits I want to keep. It might take me a little while to work out what those things are but I will only be choosing the things that I love, that are beautiful, fit me just as they should and make me want to twirl. It feels like there is so much room in that case that I might only need a rucksack now. A red one.

I don’t think I’ve ever travelled so lightly. But that Red Ricksack is taking its first outing to Milan on Thursday.

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