One wedding and a Matthew Bourne

Matthew Bourne… the genius that takes my heart on a magical and emotional journey whenever I see anything that his fingers have touched. Through the years I have treated myself to his creations and have been waiting for a long time to discover his unique storytelling of Swan Lake. I am never disappointed by his imagination.
I could have watched it on dvd but it’s not the same. I needed to wait. You just can’t feel it in the same way as when you are immersed in it.
And my girl is with me. She is in my eyes and those of the universe, the most beautiful dancer and a one of a kind young woman who I can proudly call my daughter. I feel lucky every day to be a part of her life. As she got off the train and walked towards me she looked as naturally beautiful and chic as she always does and I noticed that she had a little hat on.. a black baker boy cap.. one of mine and always a fav and it suits her perfectly.

I had met her en route, directly on my journey home from my friends wedding. I look slightly tired and dishevelled from the night before but so happy and warm from all the joy and love that weddings are. With lots of fun and chats alongside people I’ve known a long time. They’re a pretty special bunch of lovelies from a very wonderful time in my life and it’s always good to dance to RiRi and share laughs in a photo booth.

Of course Princess M looked completely and utterly gorgeous as I knew she would. She is the confidence against the quietness of her new husband. And her protective and sweet dad gave the best dads speech I’ve ever heard in my life. And I’ve attended a lot of weddings over the years. In his gentle way with a little mischief his message was very clear.. My daughter is special. She is wonderful in every possible way and lights up my world and I happily allow her to be in your care. But ..just make her happy, let her always be happy and it’s so important that she is treated in such a way that makes her happy”

Inside I cheered his every word. Because she is special and she will light up his life and she totally deserves to be happy too.

As I looked around the room I could see all the details of M”s wedding which had been put together by her hard work. There sits a princess in all her finery but at 5am she was with her list of things that needed to be done. Not by a team of wedding planners. Every tiny detail was put together with her hands alongside help from family and friends. From decorating the venue, to the sweet table of love, with pick n mix in specially designed wedding day paper bags, to delight the children both young and old. Special table details that must have taken months of searching for. I loved the fortune cookies “give your love with a hug”. I always do and the fortune cookie knew.
And LOVE with its name in lights everywhere you looked.
Things I recognised from her home. She is not afraid to stand up and shout it out loud.

Everything about this very special event had my friend M’s name written all over it. She absolutely created a whole new world in that place. But she equally does that in life and many times I have been in awe of her time and care she gives to help others. I’m not religious but she shows her beliefs in her actions. Is there a better way.
I’m proud to have her as a friend alongside L who will have her day too (yes you will rock star) and I shall write about all the wondrous things that make her so very special and make me and M feel very proud to have her as our friend.

And so to the ballet. As the lights dimmed and the orchestra began to play, I was once again dazzled and mesmerised. To reimagine something so magical in its classical form to something so inspiring, which left me choked and with tears in my eyes at its conclusion. The princes only wish was to feel loved and be free.
There are times when you applaud but this felt thunderous in its intensity from the feelings the whole room must have been left with in those final moments. Exquisite.

My weekend was complete, and perfect and captured everything within my heart. Those moments in life are to be treasured.

And as i copied the link to the final music, to share, I listened to it again. If ever there were music to describe the intensity of my heart then I believe this is probably it. And I too am not afraid to shout it loud.



One thought on “One wedding and a Matthew Bourne

  1. Lovely post!! I saw Swan Lake too, just the other week, and just scheduled a post on it! You’re so right about the intensity of the final act. It made me cry, and happy that the applause too so long to dissipate (it gave me time to dry up). It sounds like you had the perfect weekend!


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