Black Cabs and Uber- An Interval from a Dream

Despite living in dreamy I walk round in the world with my eyes wide open. I see the real and then the magic beyond that. Having read a post last night I felt the need to respond in some way so here it is.

If ever I needed an example of the saying “knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing” this would be it.
I have no doubt that the writer is a lovely person but what what they wrote came from a place of eyes wide shut.
The power of money and in this case a tenner.
To decide whether you will let someone make their living in the best way they can or not. To save yourself a few quid by paying cheaply.
In this case they were talking about cab drivers.
My response is less of an attack on them and more of an attack on the system we find ourselves living in.

The world of big corporations influencing the massive and taking all the profits for those that sit in those ivory towers telling us how to think, how to be and who is right and who is wrong. 1984 plays out every day.

So what is fair? Haggling with the cab driver or lining the pockets of shareholders whilst the deliverer of your service earns peanuts. Uber cabs, Uber eats all taking a little cut of someone else’s work. But you could say that of any of these websites that earn money off the back of someone else’s business. It always feels like a more palatable version of gangsters protection money. Let us take our cut and we will allow you to stay in business whilst creaming your profits. And governments love that. Don’t tell me this is any different in theory from that of the godfather with backhanders a plenty.

So far there are some professions that are managing to swerve this. But their time may come even though they may feel they are a cut above.

I mean I wonder what would happen in those shiny offices if employers suddenly haggled over your daily salary. The all staff email of “we are ever so sorry but we are saving a few quid today so we are going to give you half of what you were expecting to earn.
I imagine the uproar.. the disgust at being treated like a second class citizen, a servant that can be ordered around like they are owned. They can’t treat us like this!!!

And yet it appears that is fine for others. In this case the cab driver. After all they just drive people around. No skill involved there unlike the tap tap tapping on a computer keyboard doing THE most important job in the world.
And what exactly is that?
I mean when I get in a cab I go from A to B. I make a journey and I can see it.
I find it much harder to work out the latter. A tiny cog in a wheel that turns round and round and round. Never really going anywhere as a hamster once said.
I’m Suddenly feeling very disrespectful of all the office workers who get up every morning to make the journey to a job they may or may not love in the interests of making a life for themselves and their families. Because that’s what we people have to do in real life to survive. And we do it in the best way we can.
I work in an office. I’m lucky that I love my job but I haven’t always through the years. My salary has provided me with a life where I could do things that made me and others happy. That put a roof over my head, food on the table and provided for my girl. I don’t think that should to be the rare privilege of a few.
Isn’t it the right of anyone and everyone to work hard, earn a decent living and enjoy the fruits of that.
The plague they described are people with families, working unsociable hours because that’s how they make ends meet. Picking up drunken and loud mouthed idiots is of course exactly what they are looking for. What joy in leaving their families on a Friday evening to spend time with people who drunkenly shout at you, telling you how to do your job, being sick in your cab, Or running off without paying.
The plague is in fact the ignorance of people who believe the hype and the media without questioning their motives. Because of course you know who these people are. Do you? Or do you think you know them because that’s what you’ve been told.
I know many. People with intellect, knowledge experience far beyond that of some of the people who come through the more traditionally educated route. I know of their values and their morals. I’ve seen and heard of the times that they don’t charge a penny for the old person with all their shopping making sure they get in their house safely or the parent taking their child to a hospital appointment, and seeing the drunken girl who could be their daughter and wanting to make sure they get home ok to their dad.
But who is interested in reading that.
Much more convenient to pigeon hole them all as ignorant Luddites.
Perhaps before making assumptions you may like to learn a little more about who they are, what they do and why they might feel aggrieved and who with. How convenient it is for governments and corporations to make the fight between them. It takes the spotlight off of the fact that their grievances aren”t with each other but with those who pull the strings.
Perhaps it is time to think about what it is to be a pawn in this world where the big companies can sell you a story of of how you should think , knowing that the majority of people have spent so much time in their lives institutionalised that they’ve forgotten how to think for themselves.
This post reminded me of the small minded and judgmental types that love to point their fingers and think they are better. Not like those people!!!!
So the next time you have £60 in your purse and want to communicate under the sparkly lights of the shops ( and I’m very partial to a sparkly light myself) that sell you what you’ve been told you need, perhaps think of what others are trying to communicate but is lost in translation through the warped system of media and marketing.
Black cabs and Uber drivers… they are both pawns in the same game and I for one shout out loud for them both. Shafted by the people who leech from their hard work, shafted by people who begrudge a person being in charge of their own lives and living and educating the many in knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing!!!

And in knowing the value of nothing, as the French philosopher Joseph de Maistre said “the people get the government they deserve”.

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