Being inspired to respond…

I responded to something I read which triggered something in me to show my more rebellious and questioning side in the things of this world.
I don’t often do this and hesitated before posting, showing it to a friend first to find that confidence.

Only after I responded did I realise it had been written by someone whose writing I have just recently discovered and really love.
Their take on the world resonates with me a lot. Some things I see in the same way and others that look slightly differently but all coming from a place of honesty and truth and that made them interesting.
I had felt happy to discover them.
So of course you can imagine how bad I felt that I had questioned some of their thoughts. They related to a subject that I hold very close on a number of levels. I know a lot of cabbies, who I care about a lot and are pretty wonderful, I care about people generally, people are the best thing about life for me.. in Eutopia I would love it if we could all be really happy together .. and because of that it pulled at a long standing and deeper irritation I have for media and marketing who I see as the slimy and grovelling little cousins in the family of corporate and governmental power. No doubt now I’ve opened up that can of worms they will feature again at some point.

I felt like I wanted to say sorry to this person because they seem nice and I like what they write.
But when I thought on it for a bit longer I realised that isn’t this the purpose of writing or expressing anything. To create a feeling or a reaction in another person is the ultimate recognition that your voice has been heard.

So rather than apologise I think I will say Thankyou!!!
Thankyou for inspiring me to reveal a different side to the way I think and use my blog as a place where I can be both dreamy and real. I love the idea that they might be able to exist together somewhere, side by side, in perfect harmony.
When I think how difficult that can feel in the real world that  feels pretty cool!

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