The Possibilities of being a Troll

How I love Trolls. One of the most perfect things to have ever been created. If you are seven years old at heart then this is the film for you and if not then you probably need to watch it.
Boxing Day to me is a day to chill out, take a walk somewhere that makes you feel happy, Watch lots of films, eat leftover food, along with a bucket full of chocolates and check in on your friends to see  how they are doing.
So I watched a black and white film I so love. Who needs the technicolour and special effects sometimes when simple beautiful effortless elegance of someone like Fred Astaire can make you feel like you want to go dance on a cloud. Simple stories make for magic in my world.
And trolls is a brightly rainbow coloured version of that where the story is happiness which of course lies within us all. Hell yeah!!!
Let’s all have rainbow coloured hair and sing songs when life feels a bit shit.
Yesterday morning a very treasured friend of mine shared with me her writing for the first time. I guess she might have received my response and accepted it as politeness and kindness.
In fact what she gave me was a perfect first gift on Christmas morning. what she wrote was simply beautiful.
I’m guessing I’m the friend who talks about magic a lot.. yes I do mention magic a little and if it doesn’t always present itself to me on a golden platter I totally look to create some for myself. That magic gives me a little or a lot of dreamy happy every day. Some days more than others but only every now and then does my little light go out. And then someone wonderful will give me just a little something, a smile, a joke, a kind word, or sharing something of themselves and they light me up like the Parisian lights on the Eiffel Tower.
That’s what my friends writing did for me yesterday. It carried me through what might have been a trickier day in my year and helped me make it something nice. I practically felt like Gwyneth Paltrow when I got home.
My feelings on Christmas Eve were replaced with something else. The longing for something that hadn’t been for a long time became something new. Respect and friendship and a real endeavour to make our girls world happy. I felt so proud that we could be that. Helped I think also by chitty chitty bang bang, The greatest showman, a kickass Christmas dinner ( I can’t make cakes but I know how to rock up a roast) and an evening with a pack of cards playing gin rummy.
Dreams come in all forms and ovs the happy dreamy romantic will always be hoping for that lightning bolt but in the meantime I can stroll along in life singing and dancing and enjoying the beauty of what life is.
And I will be taking along for the ride those amazing and wonderful friends that I treasure so much who struggle to get the sound of silence from me.
But my lack of silence comes from a place of wanting to create happy.
It would be so much easier to get stuck in ruts or wish away life with what ifs. Instead I choose adventure and excitement in the unknown. The possibilities of what life can be.
The possibilities in being a Troll.


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