Shakira Shakira

Whilst everyone else is recovering from their hangovers my party is just starting.
And the first song playing is Shakira Shakira Try Everything.
That song has been playing softly in the background over the past 18 months. Sometimes so softly that I forgot it was even on. But boy was it playing.
Never had I cared so little for the NYE festivities as I did last night. I had realised that my year had been So full of crazy, happy, dreamy, nonsensical magic that it had already left me ready for a new year without requiring a fanfare. I was happy letting it just drift in.
Maybe this is my fanfare.
So this morning while a world nurses it’s headaches I am dancing to this music on full blast. And I plan to keep on dancing to it for the rest of the day, year and beyond.
Oh and be under no illusion I’ve made many many mistakes and have absolutely no doubt I will make a truck load more but as Shakira said, “I get back up again to see what’s next”. And with all those mistakes I’ve learnt so much about what makes me happy, what takes me where I find sparkle and what makes me love.

1st Jan 2019 my heart has never beaten so strongly.

So let this great big party begin. I’m already dancing on a podium like I’m lost in the music. Maybe will see you there?
When you recover from your hangover !!! 😊

Happy New Year!!! ❤️


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