Welcome to the party Feisty

It’s a rare thing when feisty gets off her arse and turns up to the party. She is the quiet and lazy rebel loner who is very happy to sleep all day long. She is very specific in her description. She is the girl who is awoken when something matters. The passion and power that fuels the rest. She quietly does her own thing without anyone noticing and doesn’t really care about being seen. She knows she exists and feels very little need for others to know it letting happy take the credit as the ace in the pack but knowing that she is the queen. Because she is secure enough to dance to her own tune by herself. But as the holder of the passion she sleeps in readiness for the moment that the party requires her presence whether invited or not.
She of course finds herself receiving a lot of invitations to parties but she rarely can be bothered to turn up for them. She is much more of a gatecrasher because if she is gonna make the effort to turn up then it has to be for a reason and something worthwhile. Something has to ignite her because she has better things to do with her time even it that’s nothing at all.
But when she arrives you can have no doubt that she wants to be there.
And you better be ready because she doesn’t have the patience to get out of bed for nothing. And she definitely won’t be dancing to the tune that is playing. She is bringing her own tunes and you can dance to it with her or even better battle with her to hear your own. Because she loves a dance off. Especially with someone that believes in their own tune and will keep up with her. She knows that a mash up can sound good but you better have the tunes and moves yourself.
Of course she won’t hang about for long. She will let her tunes be heard and show you that she knows how to dance to them and then she will disappear into the night to continue dancing on her own before she goes back to sleep. Because she knows that happy has that party all under control.
So don’t ever try and coax her out. She doesn’t do anything on demand. But when she does join the party it speaks volumes about how much she cares.


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