Quiet Superheroes Assemble!

How a thought builds for me even when I’m quietly and happily doing nothing. My brain keeps whirring and something inside me captures all the elements around me from different moments in a way that fuels the power that sits sleepily underneath.
Yesterday I strolled along to work feeling easy breezy, perfectly smiley and after receiving a message from a friend, resting from limitless possibilities in favour of a big fry up with lots of fried bread. Nice!!!
Life is good. All my hard work and determination has paid off and I’m strolling.
It feels chilled, relaxing, easy. I wandered into my workplace. Quiet .. all my boys are out today, I can just get on with my stuff.
And then WHAM!!!!
My Justice League  assembled. By email. And completely out of nowhere. I talk to these guys a lot about life, not specific to mine but freely sharing our thoughts beyond the trivial small talk. Although we can talk tacky shit too. They knew I moved at the weekend and were really happy for me. They always message me to tell me I”m great but on this occasion there was something so timely and magically coincidental in their messages to me. Like we were connected and they knew what has been on my mind. These boys see me in a whole other way to a lot of other men I’ve known. I like that. And this came from two directions from two very different men .. Superman and Black Panther (Yes I know he”s not justice league but that’s totally who he says he wants to be and who he totally is) in different styles but both had the same impact. Firing up my passion and making that sleepy one not only emerge but rise in such a powerful way that the energy generated would have lit up the whole bloody world.
And I loved it. It felt awesome! It said yeah I can be an average and easy going girl but that’s not everything I am.  I’m superhuman special and I want to kick fearful girl up the arse because I’m ready to rise as the woman that has lived inside this girl from when she was very little. Not aggressive, angry, selfish or uncaring. This woman has strength, compassion, integrity, values, resilience, bravery, wonder, passion and beautifully contagiously happy fun.  She”s been quietly doing her work from within but in this moment found herself suddenly wanting to emerge to show the whole world exactly what she is made of.
She is an army on her own and there is nothing that she cannot do. Kickass doesn’t describe her because her powers are more subtle. They are all in her heart and mind (and yeah maybe a little kickass too 😉)  Her belief in things that have meaning are what she is about and she will use everything she has to follow her heart.
And it just needed another couple of superheroes to kick her into action. Perhaps it takes a fully fledged superhero to recognise one that is beginning to believe in her own powers.
It feels a bit strange to describe myself that way. On the surface I am pretty unassuming and might easily be missed by those who struggle to see beyond what stands in front of them. But like all superheroes it’s good to have alter ego and I can say it here,  as my secret identify remains in tact within this blog.

Because I have no desire to be a pushy, loud and opiniated powerhouse. They totally have a place, I’m fascinated by them and in the name of balance they are absolutely needed in this world. But fuck it, I have powers. And my quiet power totally shows itself in gentle dreamy and genuine care and the ability to find good however bad something looks. When they were giving out superpowers I struck lucky and if you asked me now if I would want to swap them I would say “No way!!!” The power to feel is one that takes me everywhere and anywhere. It’s what creates the possibilities and then live them and nothing can defeat that.
As the psych told me, being fearless doesn’t mean you can’t be afraid. In fact being afraid gives you the drive you need to become more than you ever think possible.
And if you’re gonna trust in anyone then Superman would be the man. He knows exactly what he is talking about and it all comes from an amazing and good place.
So rise I will. Biding my time for the right moment to unleash the whole lot. And when I do be ready for the reverberations. Because this Wonder Woman is totally on a mission and her mission is to live life to the max, taking risks and chances to make stuff happen,  but being proud of being a soft and warm girl who laughs, smiles, and dances as she does it. I mean even superheroes know how to party!!!!
And you don’t need to shout the loudest to be one.

So Quiet Superheroes … Assemble! ❤️




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