School of Conformity

Today as I took a walk I have been thinking about all the lost potential that falls through the cracks of conformity.
And it makes me mad.
Because every Saturday I see and hear the most fantastical, amazing and wondrously beautiful potential which blows me away and leaves me totally inspired.
And thinking, how can we harness all this untapped hidden magic that lies beneath which joined together has the ability to create a world beyond all imagination. And that same thought flashes through my mind every single week.
This magic shouldn’t be contained in a room.
Why is it that these kids fall through the cracks just because they don’t conform to the standard.
And that thought then leaves me wondering why the very foundations of our educational system have remained unchanged since.. well since forever!!! I’d give you the dates but I was never much interested in those boring facts when I was at school!
So they change the leaving age, they give us grammar, comprehensive, private, academy, selective blah blah etc etc schools, O levels, A levels, CSE”s GCSe”s SATs/no SATs
But all this shit is the equivalent of calling a Marathon a Snickers. What real difference does it make. It’s just a wrapper covering the same product.
And if you happen to be a consumer, this product manages to leave you stressing a little more at the risk of falling through the cracks to a life of nothing.
What I’m thinking about is the way we fundamentally think about education or as I would prefer to think about it .. inspiring a passion in kids to learn about and develop everything they are through a whole lifetime to reach their wonderful potential.
It’s like, during the time we have made amazing scientific leaps in finding cures for once deadly diseases, sending people to the moon or creating a web that links the whole world.. the way we educate is in exactly the same format that it has always been. Someone tell me how it has evolved and I don’t mean computer white boards and PayPal for lunches. What I mean is we make them a number and sit them in a building in classrooms with a teacher at the front who has to make them all learn the same things. So that they can then take the same tests as a way of comparing their clever.. what a crock.. really!!!
In all these years this is still the best we can come up with. Comparing apples with oranges and kiwi and mango and pears, using that same tired and unsuccessful for many format. Where the hell is the innovation and evolution of thinking in any of that.
I guess it works perfectly to seamlessly transfer them on to the mind numbing  robotic conveyabelt of a life we all know and recognise.

Where is the test of individualism and uniqueness. All those qualities that sit within a person and where the real magical power lives. What might a world look like full of that.
How does anyone really flourish and reach their potential through this very simplistic and basic format where independent thinking is positively discouraged and labelled The trouble maker. shouldn’t this planet be awash with geniuses imagining a totally different way to live and work together where everyone’s unique qualities are tapped into. Rather than the few who suit this system of comparison and churn us round and round in the never ending system of same.
Do I have the answers. No I don’t. But I have thoughts, ideas and I give a shit. But what I find myself wondering is
“Is there anyone else out there who is even thinking about it., questioning it, talking about it. Or will this same system still be in place in the next century.”

How can I see such dramatic changes to the London skyline through my lifetime and yet the corner stone of developing our kids looks no different to the day I started at school, or my parents before me or theirs.  Surely there has to be another completely different way of starting a child’s journey to potential than putting their bum on a classroom seat and saying learn this whether you are interested or not otherwise you will be a loser in this game of life.
Can’t help wondering if the reason this system is completely unchanged is because it keeps all those same  types as winners!







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