When Cynical Logic and Dreamy Love Collide

This thought has been sitting with me for a couple of weeks and then found its way out into something yesterday. A couple of weeks ago someone liked one of my posts and my instant reaction was of course to look at theirs.
And the world of dreamy love and cynical logic collided and made me smile so much.
There was something so wonderful for me in reading about the scientific and data driven formula of gaining likes. Namely systematically liking everyones blog without reading a word. It made me smile so much that I felt the need to leave a comment. I felt really happy to be one of the many that was boosting their dream of a million likes. Easy way to make someone happy. One click and my work was done. And my reward was his comment back saying of all the data he had collected so far, mine, left with a message, was his favourite to date. He hadn’t read my blog but he had read my comment to him which in short was that I was wishing him to be the most liked ever!!! I loved that our worlds had collided.
I guess dreamy love and cynical logic were both smiling.
And these thoughts found their way back into my world yesterday when for me it was all about logical thinking. Dreams on the back burner as I had to sift through the cold hard facts of financial organisation, trying to juggle the last little funds at my disposal to see my way to a returned 6 months deposit which will soften my world in the interim, and a car that I had forgotten required an MOT that day and in a hurry had to book in last minute, 15 minutes before the garage closed. Good job I have such an understanding boss who let me leave early today to pick it up. In all my dreaminess I very often forget the tasks and necessities of real life that require organisation and planning. Something that doesn’t really come naturally to me and which is often evident in a big pile of unopened letters which at some point I get to.
Admin is not my gift for sure but I usually muddle my way through it. Even eating can get forgotten, preferring ready meals, takeaways and sandwiches as a quick non time stealer from other pleasures.
I always love when people spend 15 minutes talking me through a beautiful quick and easy recipe which I enjoy in the same way as cooking programmes. Seeing another persons passion in such things and their joy in sharing which is so appreciated but knowing that although i will absolutely remember their happy satisfaction in helping me, I will completely forget what any of the ingredients were.
I often wonder what It might be like if I had more of a logical mind that considered the importance of things that would probably make my life more organised and less chaotic and give some structure, purpose, direction and clarity in decisions.. And a good hearty meal at the end of a day.
I’ve tried it, a little, but it left me feeling a bit bored, tired and frustrated. I can’t hang about for the details when there are so many more exciting things on the horizon or knocking about in my head. Even someone at work mentioned pensions today. I think they are bringing in something new and asked if I wanted to be on the poster with a colleague for why you might want to change to the new version. I never laughed so much at the thought of being the poster girl for logical and considered decisions in financial matters. Hilarious, considering my current financial situation and the fact that I have a load of pensions from places I’ve worked which will feel like a magical surprise in years to come when I see how much or little I have (if I can remember what they are). Makes me chuckle just thinking about it.
I reached the end of yesterday feeling exhausted by logic Althougb I had taken some refuge in dreany with a very brief detour to Cambridge on a whim with absolutely no purpose. Loved that!
As I travelled back on the tube from the MOT garage I suddenly received a comment from someone who had also read my comment and said it made her laugh. When I immediately read her blog I found myself mesmerised, fascinated and educated in the thoughts of a Muslim woman sharing her world and beliefs in a way that resonated with me on so many levels. Her ideas of beauty, simplicity and empowerment made me feel very connected and proud to be a fellow woman in the diversity of this very beautiful and magical world. And suddenly I was totally back in dreamy wonder where I belong.

With a final offering from a friend this morning who had lived a version of a dream he had described once, which I could totally picture at the time, remained in my memory and made smile so much in its fruition.

I’m not sure this post is meant to go anywhere other than random thoughts. Sometimes it’s quite nice to just put them somewhere to make room for the next. But in amongst all of the details there was something very special in the connection between Cynical Logic and Dreamy Love which has taken me on another magical mystery tour in my head in what was probably on the surface a very non descript day. Or maybe I’m just able to find the dreamy behind the logic.

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