Living at the top of a house is just wonderful and perfect for me. Just as the skylights look up at the stars I also feel the full wonder on a rainy morning. Lying in the dark as the rain comes down hard on those windows above me. Such a beautiful sound and feeling especially when I have no need to go anywhere.

There is something so very romantic and sexy about rain and just the sound of it surrounding me is taking me to that place.

With the right person being in rain  is simply magical.
To be soaked through to the skin and then frantically removing those items of clothing from each other to be able to feel the warmth from each other’s skin. I think that may be the ultimate in fuckable moments. Actually I don’t think, it totally is.

As I’m lying here alone listening to this rain I’m realising that I absolutely love the freedom to be me but a big part of being me is physical intimacy. And I am missing that .. A LOT!!!

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