Girl on Fire

I woke up this morning feeling like a girl on fire 🔥
In every possible way. and if that shows in the way you walk, it totally did. I was walking on air, smiling at everyone like I knew them and catching their smiles in return. I love that. Practically  dancing like I was in some cool advert selling how to be amazing and with a little swagger that said I’m a girl in charge of myself and nothing can stop me. Because I’m unstoppable.
And even if an obstacle comes in my path Ill swerve it with ease or find another route.
In the last few weeks since moving something has ignited me in every wonderful way and it is feeling like everything else needs to keep up with me because Im moving like a fast car with an interior of soft and warm comfort and I ain’t hanging about.
Power and gentleness are sitting side by side and it’s combination that I’m liking while I’m getting stuff done.

It’s a good feeling to start a day with and not one I can conjure up. Either I feel it or I don’t and right now I’m feeling it.
My day was full of normal but i was not. My boss always says to me, “how are you always so happy” and this morning I replied “because I’m a girl on fire”. He just laughed . Love my boss. We couldn’t be more opposite but he likes me as much as I like him. He’s like the big brother that laughs at me constantly and then tells everyone else I’m awesome. Total blokes bloke and makes me laugh all day long.

Today I knew I wanted to get the results of what I had painstakingly had to write in the new year. I have plans and taking control of my own life and future, that, I can do. Commitment and taking responsibility.. all over it. Don’t wait around for what you want to know.. Cut out the middle dragon who had once questioned that and find a person to ask that wants to help. In this case the very lovely fella who had marked it. If I have hoops to jump through then let’s jump through them with a person who knows what he is talking about. I have plans and this forms part of it. Because I think I’m good at what surrounds it and life beyond mine is something I want to be a part of please. Caring for myself is just a stepping stone to something more than me. I’m very happy just being a tiny spec in the much bigger scheme of things.
Obviously in my mission  I trod on those scaly toes and
was reminded of the policies.
But the thing with dragons is to feel really powerful they need someone to breathe their fire at. And I could not be bothered to reply. I’m already on fire so knock yourself out puffing. I live in my own kingdom where the only policies I adhere to are the ones written from my own values and integrity.
Swivel on those.

Perhaps it will come back to bite me but I am beyond fearing failure anymore as I have trust in the universe and myself to take me where I’m supposed to go. Everything about where I am at this point has taught me so much and I know there is more to come even if I don’t know what that looks like. Where there is a will there is always a way and as success for me is measured in happiness I’m feeling pretty successful right now.

So my new bit of excitement has been borrowed off my pal Black Panther who has recommended a book to me that he just finished and absolutely loved it with same passion I did with a beautiful book recommended by the lovely and inspiring K. BP”s choice “Can’t hurt me”. Its feeling like a winner before I’ve even turned the first page. Kick ass navy seal that says there is nothing you can’t do.
I’m totally in that place right now so bring it on Goggins.. This girl on fire is all ears 😊
And this post is dedicated to the amazing friends that helped relight the fire when it went out and provide the care and inspiration to fuel it up some more.
L, M, S, D, K, M and of course my SAS girl.

Thankyou!!! You”re the absolute best!!! ❤️




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