Are you with me?

Saturday!!!! I love em! It’s a day to feel like a teenager. More than I do on a normal day.
It’s a day when I know once my work is done it belongs to me. Whatever I choose to do on that evening I know I don’t have to get up early the next day so I can let my Goldylocks down, chill out and enjoy. And that is a feeling I sooo love and loves me right back.
And tonight that comes in the form of a much needed party, dance floor and my sacred home to just get lost in free. Like taking a trip into outer space.
A thing I was reminded of so clearly late last night when I heard from a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a while. F’y.
This boy was a little hero about 4 years ago when me, L and M had the worse boss in history. In fact not just the worse boss, the worst two bosses.
The type that take the magic and sparkle out of your days which before that had been very golden and overflowing with fun.
The description one boss gave of the other was “she is an iron fist in a velvet glove” and they were allies!
Doesn’t really sing out warmth and lovely. Loyalty or values weren’t really a part of their armoury and it showed at a later date when one pushed the other off the cliff.
Choose your friends wisely … and I always do.

Anyways in the period when myself, L and M felt their full force, F’y stepped in and gave me an out. And a fun and happy one at that. He was like, “come work with me. We”ll have a laugh” and we certainly did, every single day. He always said to me it’s not really a proper job but will tide you over while you”re at college. And it did, until I found something new and wonderful that also fitted with the new plan.
I loved the way that F’y helped me and L swerve their game of divide and conquer by making us compete for the same job. We were having none of it and neither was F’y. They didn’t love him for it but he didn’t give a shit. What a guy.
Anyways he messaged me as he had met someone a couple of days ago that I had worked with since then and they had asked him if he knew me.
His response had been “oh the girl that is so much fun, likes a drink and a holiday”. Love that description. He then went on to tell her about my last day there.
Omg F’y way to ruin my new professional reputation in five minutes.
That last day was my most epic of last days ever in a job.
It was just before Christmas. Just prior to that me and L had organised the bestest party ever seen in the dizzy heights of our conference centre. Having attended many a dodgy Christmas do through about 4 years( yes L you know I’m thinking of Elvis night with a trip to Red Mamba followed by Chanel/Channel M walking down the middle of the road splitting all the fighters like a three wheeled yellow Reliant Regal outside Nelson Mandela house) We started to organise a variety of Christmas do’s externally with ever more interest from around the building. Till finally we went all out and organised an in house 007 party complete with casino table, chocolate fountain, Red London Phone Box photo booth which unfortunately didn’t work but looked nice and all decorated by our fair hands with the help of the maintenance team. All done on a budget of about 100 quid. Pop up bar next to the dance floor so as not to lose everyone to the bar outside. Everyone came dressed to kill and the dance floor was solid all night with people drifting off every now and then to play roulette or visit the bar. Proper kickin night and made me feel prouder than a single thing I’d ever done in my day job.
Me and L talked about going into business which lasted for five minutes when we realised we only like organising stuff that we get to enjoy. And enjoy we did 😊
A few days after was my last day which was also the day of the Christmas lunch. And F’y was all over it. The day kicked off with Prosecco and pastries from the moment I strolled in at my normal 15 minutes late 9.15, despite the fact that I only lived five minutes away.. a fact that F’y always laughed about but didn’t care. He knew I was a good girl.
Everyone came up to our floor to say goodbye and hear my amazing and inspirational leaving speech which basically was “OMG I’ve had such a laugh here. It’s been wicked!” My CEO who also came along must have felt so proud. Weirdly crazy bosses were both off that day. By the time I was at the Christmas lunch I think I was already half cut. If you’re gonna go out, go out like a firework my friend BH had texted me. Part of the C7 crew that had already started to disperse and had been the ultimate time in the buildings social history. RJ, what a legend. I remember walking back to my desk with two bottles of Prosecco and a party hat. All down the pub after, which had been base camp for many pub crawls and crazy nights which incidentally no longer exists anymore have been shut down on the back of a drugs and guns raid.
When I finally stumbled home I was thinking why did I leave? the people here are awesome. Many of which I still see or speak to but I never really looked back. It had given me so much and more. I had loved it and those 2 crazy bosses were never gonna put a dent in that.
I met F’y the next morning to collect all my stuff.. ovs as ever I was late which was my parting laugh for him.
I’ve seen him since but I loved that he reminded me last night of that last day which then made me think of a fun and free time in a special friends life despite the fact that the reason he was actually there felt as far away from who he is or maybe how I see him. Often the happiness you find somewhere is beyond the reason for being there in the first place. At least in my experience. And Logistician he totally is not, so I think he will understand if I swerve that financial advice he provided yesterday despite it being very attractive.
So as I head home to chill out before operation sparkle up I wanted to place this fun chapter somewhere in my blog. It’s not about NOW but elements of it still are. Quite a few of which I will be seeing tonight.
Because Are you with me?

Always, always, always!!! ❤️

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