In search of cheese

When I was a kid I had an imaginary friend. So important was this friend that he was always somewhere in the mix even though not part of the main show. He would get a seat next to me on the bus, a seat at the dinner table and our best and most rich chats would be at the bottom of my bed in the middle of the night when no one was around.
Jerry knew everything. All my dreams but also the stuff that I hid from everyone else.
But I always seemed to get into more mischief when he was around and of course when inevitably I got into trouble I would say “Jerry made me do it”. Sometimes I would argue with him when he didn’t want to do what I wanted but mainly I would giggle quietly and whisper about stuff.
I never reveal the identity of the people I love by name in my blog but I’m going to make an exception on this occasion because even the name feels important. Jerry. Named so because I loved the cartoon Tom and Jerry. And I loved Jerry.
He was cute, lovable, mischievous, independent and was too clever for that cat. Jerry was a ducker and diver who took risks, sometimes got caught but always managed to wriggle out of it, taking the cheese with him and leaving Tom feeling like a fool.
I have no idea how I remember this but Jerry had a friend called nibbles. Left on Jerry’s doorstep out of nowhere one day. When a thought popped into my head yesterday I started to remember two episodes that I watched. I looked them up and laughed so much at what I saw. I remembered roughly what they were about but not the details which hit me in terms of the relevance of where my thought had taken me.
What would a real version of Jerry look like. Sounds ridiculous right. Well When I watched these short clips it didn’t look quite so ridiculous as it sounded. Not least because I could not have felt more like nibbles. Touché.
In the search for cheese many simple adventures unfolded.
What relevance does this have on who I am.
I don’t know. I’m trying to make the connections.,
Fantasy adventure fun danger and puremess of a childlike heart are in the mix for sure.
I’m not even sure if the relevance matters. There was something quite lovely in thinking that perhaps Jerry was in fact not just a figment of my imagination.


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