The Magic of Freedom!

Beneath the early morning glow of the sun emerged the most perfectly complete, simple, genuine, fun, happy, uninhibited, bubbly, energetic and carefree girl. She is always there in her world but everything about this world gave her exactly what she needed to be completely present and visible. Smiling and laughing as if she were enjoying herself with friends. Spinning and running with her arms outstretched as if flying,. Her head back and eyes closed feeling the full force of the wind in her hair and the sun on her face and breathing it all in. Leaping and jumping like a little springy lamb, balancing on rocky walls and scampering over obstacles like a playful squirrel. And with music in her ears dancing like she was in the greatest music video never to be made. Passing the odd person without hiding her smiles or her twirls or her arms in the air. They looked across and smiled back. It was the most free she had felt and it was simply incredible. In that first walk she just got it.
Of just being.
She was everything that she is and wants to be. Nothing more nothing less.. And it was absolutely enough in every single possible way.
The magic of freedom!


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