The beauty of the imperfectly executed plan.

To not be judged, controlled, pushed and pulled to fit another’s expectations.
To be in charge of yourself, your choices, who you want to be without fear of being ridiculed or told that you’re just not good enough.
From feeling as free as a bird, I stepped into another’s persons world where freedom is completely lacking in every sense to the point of fear, which left me feeling their enormous frustration and anger.

What is it in us humans that makes us think we have a right to be in charge of another whatever age we or they are. The results of all those judgements is a person who neither trusts others or themselves.
Success and failure. Who dictates what that is? I find myself laughing at that concept because its so meaningless.
A zest for just for living life. What category does that fit in and yet for me it feels fundamental to everything else.
If you live a whole life based on success only, then how will you ever grow, evolve, become who you want to be.
This constant pressure to succeed drives that fear of failure. That fear alone removes all the joys of what life holds.
I find myself thinking about my final attempt at something I need to write. A teeny tiny part of a journey I took myself on. I started it without a thought in the world of where it might take me. The lazy river ride I enthusiastically got on only to find I’d walked into the wrong entrance and was actually on crazy rapids spinning round and round in my rubber ring out of control only to fall backwards down the slide, holding on for dear life.
Why was I holding on so tightly. What did it matter if I fell out of the ring and got lost under the water. I would have found my way back up to the surface again.
Failure is holding less and less fear for me because it allows me to rethink or change direction or find a new ride to embark on.
What is this constant requirement to have a plan that needs to be executed perfectly.
And when that plan is dictated by another it can feel overwhelmiing, impossible and like your thoughts have no value.

Take it from me. You have value, You are the success and the absolute very best…

And you don’t need to do a single thing other than be just as you are!


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