All over this!!!!

When I write for my blog I literally have a thought write it in about ten minutes, post it, job done.

When I have to write something I don’t want to do, in this case an assignment, the build up to it parallels the pre race prep of an Olympic athlete.
Some would call it procrastination. I however would like to rename it the marathon warm up to giving a shit..
Having set aside this day for the finals, i work up at 5.30 this morning.
Had I got up at that time there is a high probability that I may now have finished.
However my mind was not in a place for that shit so early in the morning. The build up or pre assignment warm up consisted of a little extra happy time in bed, many cups of tea, toast, sausages in English muffins, the last of the milk tray, a truck load of great tunes and dancing, chats, a much longer and more leisurely shower, hair wash, complete pamper and reorganisation of all things toiletries, cigarette (totally giving up when this thing is finished) sorting of washing, one final final cup of tea, well maybe one more in a minute and commence.. time now 10.30 am. I have spent 5 hours doing nothing to avoid doing nothing 😊 I’m laughing because I’m always like this. This familiar little dance for all things academic is the equivalent of stretches and lunges on the race track.

I know what you’re thinking… ooohhh sausages in English muffins.. brown sauce in those?
Or rather Why don’t you just get on with it?
I just don’t know. The million dollar question that would find me using my time so much more wisely although to be fair I have been very happy.. and yes of course brown sauce.
But as I finally reach the point of putting hand to keyboard let’s listen to this one last tune together. Perhaps I need a cone round my head to stop me scratching it.
Ok I’m primed and ready!!! 😊
I’m all over this thing!!!

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