A couple of days ago I received a message from a mystical and magical character who came into my ocean four years ago. I remember she listened to me in a special moment of being heard and understood. Bibi is her name. Glamorous, Amazonian Individual and Quietly powerful with Gentleness and Strength. Our very different worlds quietly collided and she entered my heart through a trap door that was not visible to others. In her company I felt safe, peaceful, cared about and able to try out versions of who I am without any judgement. She quietly watched from afar taking in what she saw and I did the same with her. I knew she was special. One of those most magical of characters that I imagined in my dream world and materialised in the form of a mermaid.
We swam through an ocean in our journey together in very different ways, every now and then coming back together in moments when we were meant to.. Often in crossroads, dilemmas quiet reflections and fun. She was the quiet thread of strength who needed to say nothing because just knowing she was out there in the world reminded me that so was the magic that often others don’t see. She is magic.
Her message was to let me know that I had been popping in and out of her mind.
The really special people that I love and care about come in and out of my mind all the time.
I saw a white blossom tree as I was walking to the tube this morning and I looked at it in such wonder and amazement. As I paused for a moment those special people I hold so close came into my mind. I knew that they would have all appreciated that small thing.
I have thought a lot lately about being a misfit. Where do I fit?
And suddenly when I saw that white blossom tree standing all alone in the middle of a grey street in all its simple beauty I thought to myself, I have this all topsy turvy. This isn’t about me fitting. This is about how others fit with me. And rarely is it in a group. Because I love the individuals. In all their specialness. It’s why I do the dance in between with strangers and enjoy it.
Because every now and then by some strange and wonderful miracle I find the perfect fits for me.
And I treasure them in all their magic.
And in the message she sent I felt treasured and loved by her too.
When I think of how often I give that out but don’t necessarily get it back it makes the moments that I do feel all the more wonderful.
I realised that I can dance and laugh with the many but my real happiness comes in the magic of the few.
And it left me thinking that Everyone should have a magical mermaid in their life. But you have to be very lucky to find one.

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