Feeling Warmer Part 2

Yesterday was day 2 of my seaside adventure. Back on the train again. This time all by myself.
I randomly picked this place out of thin air because it said it had a quiet beach and I liked the name. “Warmer”. Felt like I couldn’t go wrong.
Obviously no planning went into this trip. I just rocked up at st Pancras at 8.30. On the train I did think that maybe I would work my way through a few places surrounding but I wasn’t that fussed.
The sun was shining. What else did I need.
When I arrived I found my way to the sea which in itself was a massive achievement. I lack a sense of direction. In probably every sense of the word.
But the beach was just as I hoped. Very few people around and a perfect spot to just lie down and listen to the waves coming in. God I love that sound. I could listen to it all day.
The stony beach stretched beyond what my eyes could see and I love walking by the sea,  so mission accomplished.
Actually I nearly didn’t make it. I was so tired from the day before with my girl that I had rolled over to go back to sleep. But dreamy kicked in and got me out of bed and I was so glad. It felt pretty perfect.
And so far I had spoken to everyone I had passed. Friendly little lot in Warmer.
Having sat and watched the sea for a while I felt like I should see whether there was in fact anything to do here. A shop or a pub or a… what the f*ck. as I turned round I clocked a massive great big castle behind me. How did I not see that when I arrived.. and I mean a proper castle with turrets and a flag. Walmer is full of surprises. I guess these are the things that people look up before they come but I loved the feeling of unexpectedly seeing it as though an alien had just landed. I always think I’m the alien. People look at me like it sometimes when I ramble on.
Of course there is only one thought when you see a castle. I could murder a bacon roll. As the saying goes where there is a castle there is always a caff. Let’s check this baby out.
As predicted my castles caff fed me up on a late breakfast of sausage baguette and brown sauce and a nice cup of Rosie. Beautiful!
I suppose I better have a look round this gaff now. I’m not normally a lover of these sorts of things, Lots  of people looking at stuff that should be interesting but doesn’t really do a lot for me.
But this was where the Duke of Wellington lived. I do at least know who he is. I wonder if he was partial to a sausage sandwich too. It would explain that victory. Everyone functions better after one of those,  don’t they!
Anyways I liked his boots.
What do you do when you dream of thinking and writing in a beach hut overlooking the sea and there are none available? You find yourself a great big castle with a deckchair in the turret overlooking the sea and sit and write there instead. It’s no beach hut but it wasn’t too shabby 😊
I sat there for ages in the sun, writing my thoughts, catching the sun on my face listening to the sound of the sea and the seagulls passing overhead. I felt like perhaps I could stay in that spot all day.
At this stage I should just say I hadn’t had one pang of loneliness. I remember once asking a friend what he liked about travelling on his own. Don’t you get lonely? But the  more I get used to it the more I get it and love it. I take so much in and it always feels like such an adventure. In fact having heard several couples bickering and a scattering of crying and moaning kids I was enjoying the fact that I didnt have to worry about any of that. Peaceful, no plan, no constraints, no worries just dreamily happy in my new little world of creation. C”s Castle as it is now affectionately known by me. Yeeeaaahh I sighed.. my home really is my castle.
I thought I would check out the gardens quickly before I moved along.
I would recommend that no one ever plans a trip again. What I was expecting to be a little garden turned out to be something from Alice in Wonderland. Both majestic but childlike and complete with an Enchanted Wood which looked like it had fallen out of an Enid Blyton book. I can only imagine she similarly turned up here on a whim and was inspired.
I realised that I wasn’t going anywhere fast. I could sit and take in this wood forever. Daisy’s and buttercups and bluebells. I suddenly went into perfectly dreamy mode like I was in an invisible bubble and no other visitors could see me. I found myself a very sunny but secluded spot to lie and listen to the birds. Everything about this is what my dreams are made of. I certainly was catching dreams in every direction with every sense.
The warm sun making me feel sleepy as I undressed to the point of being decent so I could catch some rays.
As I lay on my bed of buttercups surrounded by trees I found myself thinking.. if a prince comes strolling past me anytime soon I totally would. I think perhaps a little more porncess than princess but I’m not a little girl even though everything is more enjoyable when it comes with magic. The only thing I was really missing in this magic moment was someone to kiss the back of my neck. Alas no princes only frogs passed me by so I fell asleep to dreams of an Austrian mountain I once enjoyed very much.
I am realising that in fact I rarely feel alone in my thoughts. It is always just in being close to someone physically. Do those fairy tales ever end with.. and she lived happily ever after once she had sent the prince back from whence he came.
Anyways when I awoke like I’d been asleep for one hundred years I found the Easter egg that L gave me in my bag and feasted on the tried and tested alternative.
I was amazed at how quickly time had flown. I had been here for hours. And every single part of it had been wonderful. I was so chilled out and happy and could not believe what my day had given me. Just time to walk along by the sea with an ice cream.. mint choc chip of course, and a day 2 round of fish and chips before getting the train back.
I savoured that walk in the last of the sunshine. The waves crashing gently but with purpose against the stones. All the people walking their dogs, smiling at me and saying hello.

How can I be lonely in a world full of strangers to dance with and then leave behind.
I was a very hapoy Easter bunny on my way home.
But one last piece of magic came from the most unexpected place.
As I exited the train at Stratford International I found myself having to take the short cut to the tube via Westfield shopping mall. I rarely set foot in this soulless place unless my girl asks  me on the very rare occasion (she knows i hate it) as the minute I do I literally can feel my heart sink. And just as that moment was upon me some music I recognised started to play and saw me all of the distance to the entrance of the central line. I could not believe it. I looked round to see if anyone else was hearing what I could hear, feeling what I could feel. But they all looked vacantly into the shop windows. Was I imagining this. Am I still asleep?
I think this may be the one and only time that my heart will skip in a place like this and my soul sings out.
Do I imagine the magic or does the magic find me.
I don’t know.. but whatever the answer I know for sure that magic exists.

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