The Full Ticket

Some days have a thread that run well beyond my world but I relate to so easily and provides me with food for thought. It sits beyond my world of dreams and magic.
Wellbeing! It feels like one of those buzz words that has found its way into the mainstream in a way that makes it seem as though the stigmas and barriers attached to it have been removed and that we are all now sensitive and understanding of the wellbeing of others and ourselves.
And thankfully there is an element of truth in that. We seem to become increasingly more aware of that through the attention of  the media and education.
And yet…
if I turn it round on myself, sometines/often I have such a sense of well-being and other times, not so much. And never have I been more aware of that in both my work and personal life. Right now it is consuming my work. Both in being with others in their moments of being lost and in my other job where I am working on my workplace’s initiative in helping to provide better support in health and well-being. But what I notice, is it is always about someone else. It is something that affects other people not me or you.
The reality in fact is that it affects all of us in differing ways.
I was chatting to black panther about resilience. Can you learn it? Of course there are steps or strategies that you can employ to help you become more resilient.
But for me resilience is actually learnt through experience. You survive something and you have something to draw on the next time something difficult comes your way. I only have to watch my girl to see that. I never gave her a lesson in it but when I see her fall she learns from it and the next time picks herself up a little more easily. Or sometimes not. Another experience of learning.
In fact sometimes when life rolls along so easily, the fall can be so much harder.
I then spoke to aqua man who told me about a friend he hasn’t spoken to for some time who has reached out to him. He is struggling and aquaman of course wants to help. He understands what it looks like. Beneath all his tough bravado he is probably one of the kindest, sweetest and most genuinely caring people I know. Quietly he will be a rock because he cares about the people he cares about and never turns his back no matter what is happening with him. But I know he carries his own. I often say to him.. who looks after you. He laughs at me and says, I don’t need looking after but nice to know you care.
I was left thinking today about how much we carry. All of us. As I sit and look at people on the tube I very often wonder to myself what people are thinking about. All of those minds whirring round and round. A billion thoughts in one small carriage, each of us working things out as we talk to ourselves. I find myself thinking of all sorts of things all the time.. sometimes in total and utter dreaminess and other times in working out puzzles and riddles that mean something to me. When I started a journey a few years back it never even crossed my mind that it would live beyond those 3 years. But like Pandora’s box, once it was opened there was no closing it again and putting back the contents. It was out, and believe me, I have  many moments where I would like to close the lid and live in a world of ignorance is bliss. But you can’t go back and more than often they take me to something more… eventually. But “a cocktail of emotions” is exactly what it looks like. And that cocktail can be wonderful and awful and everything in between. And very often we drink those cocktails all by ourselves.
I called this post being the full ticket. A phrase I grew up with. I am the full ticket despite feeling like sometimes I cope with life better than in other times. Its what makes me a human not a robot. And there is nothing wrong with that. We all have ups and downs even when apparently you are supposed to know all the answers to a perfect and happy life. What even is that?
I can see the dreamy and magic in so much which makes me happy but I still get sad or need help.
So perhaps what might be more helpful is if everyone admitted that they don’t have all the answers to perfection either. That we are all muddling along, doing our best, finding our way in searching for that elusive place called Eutopia . My ticket says that it is valid for a lifetime, can take me anywhere, I might go all round the houses on a route that takes me through some less than wonderful scenery and sometimes I might want to get off, but if I’m lucky and I believe in the driver, that I will visit a whole array of beautiful and amazing places too.
As Peter Pan said to Wendy … to live will be an awfully big adventure.
And knowing that adventures aren’t always easy, is something worth remembering for ourselves and others.

Because that’s ok.


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