Simple happiness like easy Sunday mornings

Happiness costs nothing.
I have wandered in the beautiful Sunday morning sunshine to my new favourite spot. Isn’t it amazing how quickly somewhere else becomes home and you feel so comfortable in that. No longer am I searching for that swing. I know exactly where it is and when there will be no one there. I stopped to swing for a moment on my way to my new favourite spot.
It is the perfect place to sit and write. Directly under the sun with the lake in front of me where a heron stands proudly among the lily pads quietly observing, whilst all the ducks busily dive and swim. It’s so quiet and peaceful here. Feels like everyone has headed out on day trips but I am content in this easy like Sunday morning feeling where just being happy where I am  feels more than enough. I can hear every single bird singing of this beautiful morning, the bees buzzing and even the ripples of the water find there way to my ears. Little seeds of dandelions float around me like tiny fairies sprinkling new magic all over me and the shadows of the trees in the water create a whole other world for the imagination to dream of. These are the moments that I cherish. Every now and then I hear little children laughing as the should in all the excitement of freedom to play in a wonderland that looks different every time I enter it.
I love to chat with anyone who is willing. I smile and they stop. A nice old lady stopped to share the wonder of this morning. With her little dog princess. She’s a bit high maintenance she tells me. She’s not looking forward to the walk back. I think she wants a limousine to take her home.
If dogs can have a look of their name she most certainly did. With an air of something that said pamper me. And she looks like she gets what she wants.
I’m not quite made that way. Simple suits me very well and that simple,  spots a heart shaped cloud that was sent specially to make me smile.

Another person walked past me and said that he didn’t think the heron wasn’t real. His dog barked as if to test that. Yep no movement. Perhaps he was right although I was sure it had been standing the other way when I arrived. But I had my head in the clouds so I could be wrong.
He left and ten minutes later so did the heron. Beautifully executed in how looks can be deceiving. Nothing fake, just not performing to the crowd and flying to a new spot when ready.
I then met Bis the pug who was happy sitting with me in my sunny spot while I tickled his neck. The owner fed the ducks fully approved duck food as he told me. Bread is so bad for them. Chatty little fella. Pointed out the giant terrapin on the log that had been here for thirty years apparently. Feel like I might have been sitting here that long too. But what’s the hurry to move when you feel so happy where you are.

I told him I was looking at the clouds and he joined me in that for a moment. I could tell he wasn’t really seeing what I could see but I appreciated his company for a bit.

And then alone again with my woodland friends. Peacefulness being the order of my day.
Happiness in calm tranquility makes for a very warm and open heart. I think that’s why that cloud was sent to me. A reminder that there is such contentment in easy like Sunday morning moments.


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