Laurelliaga Angels

This is the story of three little girls who came together in the pursuit of Integrity, Respect, Care and Belief.
This team of kickass girls was put together by codename Hopper, a super agent who was renowned for her takedowns of those who abused their power and positions. Respected by all those who know her she rose effortlessly to the top and she knew what she was doing when she put this team of angels together.
Each of them bringing something completely different to the mix.
Miss International Status .. she knows who she is and what she wants. She takes control and makes the plans. You need to find the quickest route to get there, she is all over it, using all her gadgets. She is the queen of tech and uses it in the moments of chaos. Her watch will save the day and also send her cat treats from anywhere in the world.
She’s also got practical covered. You need some equipment for sleeping on the side of a mountain in harsh conditions, It’s somewhere in her Michael Kors bag. She has something up her sleeve for all eventualities  and she’s totally got your back.
She provides the glamour and men are drawn to her like a flame. As she puts it, “it’s the Asian thing. I’m an exotic fantasy”
Yes she is.
Miss Grand Prix… she is the creative boho girl who loves a fast car and knows a racing driver and rock star or two.
She is the Info..You want to know what’s happening in the world of celebrity she’s your girl. She has a dry quick wit that will kick someone’s arse if they try to lord it. Straight talking and honest she knows her mind and will give her opinion but always with the best of intentions and if you are one of her closest she will protect you with all her might. She is loyal and true and quite rightly expects the same in return.
You can trust her with your life. She knows how to hold your secrets.
When she is really excited she just can’t hide it and she will make you laugh in her happy.
Like a walking beauty magazine she knows all the latest products and offers. She should be a golden ambassador for Sephora and Elemis.
When your mission is flawless skin she will discover the right potion or lotion from her extensive research at her home laboratory.
She has a fierce independence that is hard to be matched and a creative spirit that shows itself in all those thoughtful things she does for others. Not one to show her vulnerable side it appears through her creativity. She has a way of making everything feel special so that you do.
And give her half a mojito … and you will see her giggly little girl.
Or the cheap date angel as we like to call her.
And finally me.
Miss Dreamy McDreamo.
The latecomer to the team. International status and Grand Prix have been together since they were little angels in training and as close as they come. But when they wanted to shake up season four, Hopper threw in a curve ball and brought in a happy dreamer with no skills other than good at chatting to random people. Versatile and easy going She just goes with the flow.
With a complete lack of logic or planning she is happy to drift along taking in the little details, enjoying the fun and feeling free.
The other two angels welcomed her with open arms and many fun nights and she loved them for their very different ways and their warmth and care. They didn’t try to change her and laughed at her ability to miss all the practicalities whilst dreaming of “unicorns and rainbows”.
She in turn spent much time wishing for their missions to be filled with magic, adventure and love.
She seeks out adventure and left to her own devices can easily find herself in all sorts of chaos due to her curiousness in seeing beyond what’s in front of her along with her love of fun. If you need magic she will find it.
She rarely knows her own mind but in her heart she trusts.
And don’t underestimate her dreamy fluffy. Behind all the chaos and randomness is an intelligent mind ticking away and processing all the things she is constantly learning for a moment when she can use it for some good. And she totally loves a party too.
And so the Laurelliaga angels were formed and many adventures ensued.
Alone they were taking on the world, but together they are creating something magical and enduring. So if you need the best of friends then look no further than The Laurelliaga Angels.

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