That’s how we angels roll…

One thing I already Know is that it doesn’t really matter where I am. It is all about the people I’m with. They make it. I can go it alone and enjoy the wonder and magic of places. It has a specialness in its own style of dreamy adventure. But you can stick me absolutely anywhere on the planet if I am sharing it with people I really love. It’s that simple. The happiness of my heart always wins out.
I have had a billion moments in magical places but you would be hard pushed to find me happier than I’ve ever been when sitting on a random park bench or eating THE tastiest chicken and drinking sangrias at an amazing festival I went to recently. Kicking tunes in the greatest venue.
But of course on this trip I was with my angels on a mission to enjoy the delights of France. Vive le France. I find it very easy to dream of life just by looking at the apartment balconies. They fill me with the romantic notion of waking in the morning to fetch fresh flowers and warm bread and croissants to share from the comfort of a hardly slept in bed.
Ok so not quite that dream on this occasion but I did indulge those girls in the delights of French patisserie this morning from a little place that I found as I was walking. A beautiful cascade of cakes and pastries for a pocket busting 10 euro. Raspberry tart with creme Anglais , apricot pastry, strawberries and creme cake and 3 pain au chocolates. A little buffet of pleasures following their lazy and chilled out morning and my walk along by the sea. There is something very fundamental for me in my connection to the sea in how it makes me feel. Like I am so alive and my spirit renewed. Today the waves were crashing against the shore with all the passion that lies dormant inside this dreamy girl.
I shared it with my friend by phone who is always my go to when I have something special I want to show or say. I think I just like them being a part of whatever that special moment is. It makes me happy in being able to share with someone who gets it.
I must have had a particular look as I sat on the pebbles. A man passed me by and smiled and said something to me about le mer. I smiled back and he promptly sat down next to me and started talking French which was too fast for me to understand properly although I was trying. I tried to respond with my slightly Del Boy french. Like many women I am partial to a French accent so I didn’t really care what he was on about. And a french man once told me that my accent speaking French is the mirror equivalent. Bonnet da douche!
Anyways I just sat there quietly looking at the sea. It felt nice just having a brief moment of random company. I seemed to have found myself in a few of those lately. Do I just look easy to talk to even if I don’t understand a word you are saying?
I mean I even received a note at my table in Monte Carlo saying “hello my name is Quentin”. The other angels were winking and laughing at me. But hey, I’d washed my hair that day and I was in my favourite jump suit. It certainly made me smile.
I mean I am always friendly but it is extremely rare to capture my attention beyond that even with a sexy accent. I believe it is called very discerning. Not just anyone will do for me.
You have to have some magic.
So after sitting there on the pebbles for long enough that felt polite I got up and said “au revoir”
As I wandered on alone I thought about all the laughs and excitements of our few days. The glamour of Monte Carlo that provided something for all of us.
Grand Prix build ups, casinos, palaces and plenty of beautiful food and drinks saw us living a life beyond our everyday. Having talked about my discomfort of money I found myself absorbed in a place that exudes all things high end. Not a huge amount of realness. Primani hasn’t quite reached that principality yet but for one day and night We embraced a moment of unashamed decadence. Just like those’s nice to taste a little but I wouldn’t want to eat them every day. We rolled straight into a new day by travelling to Cannes. We were on a mission and standing on the empty red carpet at the film festival. It seemed exactly where we were meant to be. Superstar angels is what we are and even Elton John would have struggled to match our star quality on that same carpet the day before.
We loved it there. It was super buzzing and again it gave us all a little bit of something.
Not to mention our new found group love of all things toot and tack. We just couldn’t get enough of it. I don’t remember ever needing a red lips money box but at 5 euro I had to have it. I’m sure I’ll have some money to put in there at some point. But it sure will make me chuckle thinking of the amount of money we spent between us on utter shite.
And don’t even get me started in the interfrention I had to finally make following approximately 3 Sephora stores, 30 face packs and some other much needed beauty must haves. They made me laugh so much with their full baskets and excited faces. I think my love of that store is seeing their happiness. But when they were looking in the airport machine selling plasters and antiseptic cream I had to call time on their crazy obsession that was now slightly out of hand. Although international swerved me and wandered back five minutes later with another yellow bag. Even on the plane I could feel her temptation as the trolley came past. Nooooo!!!!!
Our trip found some perfect treasures for food drinks and fun. My favourite was in fact the french restaurant we went to on our first night in Nice old town. It had a beautifully old style Parisian feel to it which made me feel like we were on the set of a 1930’s movie. The tiny details that I notice and love like the lighting and the curtains and the ornaments and napkin holders. Added to that there was an amazing choice of french classics but at a price that fitted our budgets. Food that delighted our taste buds and our purses. With those oh so very strong pre dinner cocktails and the accompanying red wine with dinner it made for a very fun night and out first night bus home. I do love a night bus. It’s always so much fun and I think we laughed all the way home even when we were booted off somewhere random thinking we wouldn’t want to be walking about here on our own. Our home for those few days being as ever another Airbnb meticulously chosen by international status. Laurence the owner could not have been more lovely and welcoming when we arrived. I always love living in the residential part of towns while we visit. It totally fuels my dreams.
I think I was in dreamy overload on this trip but I’m sure I say that every time.
And of course as with all our missions there is usually at least one moment of random chaos. On this occasion it was the Ming vase and the lucky black cat. Never have I heard glass shatter in such dramatic fashion. Like in slow motion the enormous vase went absolutely everywhere. I believe that was the moment our trip really started. Omg I laughed sooooo much especially as that was also the beginning of our love of tack. The most expensive lucky black cat in history. I would be laughing every time I looked at it but as I hate cats (no offence Palmer) it didn’t belong to me.
I feel like I could go on. There are much bigger events within this trip but I of course get swept up in the really little moments that I will remember so much more than the grandioso days or nights out. Always more about the insignificant things that mean everything to me. If I think about the moments of my life the tiny details are always the things that I remember. Usually because they contain all the laughs.
And knowing my angels I think the same will go for them. Cause that’s just how we roll.

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