We had today

My favourite subject because it is the emotion I feel the most.
I only have to think of my girl and my heart beats with such power in loving her so much.
Loss can make you see things through new eyes and feel brave in grabbing this one life and making it the happiest that it can be in the confines of the real world that we live in as opposed to the dreamy one in my head.
Falling in love…. what does that even mean? Romantic and dreamy moments?
I can only speak from my own experience of what it looks like for me.
Yes.. it plays a part. You connect and there is something invisible that you can’t quite grab hold of. But that isn’t love that’s just connection, attraction.
Love at first sight?.. it’s the lightning bolt and the butterflies.. the new and exciting bit that sets your heart in a flutter in the excitement of the unknown.
But still not love.
And then getting to know each other and having fun and memorable moments? Again beautiful and invoking so much feeling but still not love.
Love for me is the moment the whole world disappears and all you can see is that person and you look into their eyes and you don’t have to say a word because you feel their soul. It is when they sit inside of you and are the person you most want to share those tiny and insignificant moments with, and on the rare but magical occasions that you get to see them you are beyond excited at getting a chance to spend time in their company and there is absolutely nowhere else you would rather be.
I know this love. I feel it. To others it would be completely unseen as though it doesn’t exist. But for me it exists, somewhere out there amongst all the magic, and deep down inside of me where I can keep it safe, never to be packaged up in a way that others would recognise, but always to be held quietly in my own heart.
Time may move on and the world may change but this love that I hold in my heart that took me many years to find will be with me forever! ❤️


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