Take me to the River

The sun is shining and I want to be part of that. I felt quietly lucky today. Unexpectedly only having to work until midday which meant for a lovely change I get a chance to enjoy this Saturday sunshine that I often miss. What to do.? No plans made so its a make it up as I go along.
A friend free for a walk and lie down in the forest under a big oak tree. I laid right underneath it and looked up into its magnificence. It felt solid and green and strong and beautiful. I felt at home. There is something very soothing about quietly chatting under a big tree. All your thoughts swept up and held by those branches. I felt happy in the simpleness of brief chatter and then quietly lying with eyes closed.
But I wasn’t looking for that to fill my day. When the sunshine grows so do the possibilities and I wanted to head into London. I need water and the randomness of many strangers. I don’t want company but I want to be engulfed in something bigger than me, where I can watch and discover.
So I left that lovely company in favour of my own and jumped on the tube.
No getting tidied up. Just as I was in my scruffy jeans and T-shirt. Casual and comfortable to wander aimlessly in a way that feels casual and comfortable for me. Probably with leaves in my hair from that forest.
Late afternoon and as I sat on the tube i did what I always do. I made up stories in my head of who people were and where they were going. Pretty girls in their summer finest and boys in their shorts. Those boys weren’t bothered with making an impression. So much more effort for us girls (well except the leaf haired scruff).

My girl always says to me, you are gonna have to make more effort to be noticed by boys in this world of the well groomed girl. Haha always makes me laugh. Eyebrows, manicured nails, straightened hair, perfect make up.
Nah!!! I liked the unkept look. Im happier as a wild and unkept horse running free than a perfect pony with tricks.
After wandering in the sunshine I messaged her to show her the spot I was sitting in. Exactly the same spot as I used to sit a lot as a teenager. Watching the boats coming through Waterloo bridge with a very different skyline lying behind it. I have always loved  it by the river. Peaceful and constantly moving. I can picture myself then, music playing, stripy t shirt and spice girl wedge heeled trainers. I think they may have stolen that look from me 😊 dreamy spice … forever!!!
But as I sit here now I am different. I know who I am and what makes me happy and And I don’t want to compromise on that because as much as others sometimes don’t get it, and as hard as it can be to be all of it in the real it all makes perfect sense to me.
One last little stop in the park.
I could happily stay for longer to see in the night sky but home I must go to welcome my new house mate and complete my girls e learning induction for her new job. She’s revising… what can I say, I’m a sucker and a slave for her love. The real isn’t quite speeding in to epic yet but dreaming by the River Thames takes the edge off. Happy sunny Saturdays ☀️

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