Loving Life!

My world has just adjusted slightly and I’m loving this slight change.
My new housemate is lovely. In her late twenties and super bubbly and chatty. We hit it off straight away like we have known each other for years. I’ve never shared a place with anyone before, well other than my girl, when I was married and another fella I once lived with. When I have been on my own I have always been on my own and have always been very happy in that.
Something about closing my door to the world and just “being”.
So I am surprising myself at how much I am quite loving having another girl in the house with me and don’t even get me started on the added bonus. Madame L the little fluffy teddy bear bijon frise which is rocking my world in a beautiful way. We have clicked too and she is greeting me every time I come through the door as though I have been away forever. What a very lovely feeling that is. I in turn feel so happy to see her with her little tongue hanging out permanently because she only has one tooth. She is totally playing to my love of eyes. she has the type that hook me in, mesmerise and hypnotise me into doing anything she might want.
I’m a sucker for a pair of beautiful big brown eyes.
When I returned this morning having stayed at my best friend S”s last night I found a busy house with V there too.
I am used to seeing V during the week. Totally love her. We also get on like a house on fire and she also loves a chat.
She told her story this morning of moving to Jamaica when she was 7 and how different life was there and how her and her sister were bullied when they first got there because of their London accents.
I can’t imagine anyone ever bullying V. She has a no nonsense confidence that makes me smile and we are always laughing. I call her the angel of goodness because she is always involved in some charitable good doing through her church and she has such a sense of helping those in need. She saw it in Jamaica when she was a kid and it has stayed with her and she helps both here and there in different ways. I really like her a lot and she always likes to check I’m ok too.
Plus she told me she’s a singer so I’m now looking forward to her entertaining us BGT style.
It was nice to stop and drink tea and chat before I got on with getting ready to do my stuff. I am already liking this new pace of my life which has suddenly got a little slower.
I have so much energy. I feel like I might end up like one of those crazy 90 year old granny’s that bungee jump and do the can can. Life is for living and when I’m feeling happy and I’m in company that I love, I can stay awake all night and watch the sun come up. Why waste those moments. They don’t present themselves every day so I like to make the most of them if it’s possible. Sometimes without any thoughts for what that might look like the next day. Live to die another day 😊 but every now and then I can burn myself out and I have to be aware of that. So a chilled pace is feeling good.
I felt the same yesterday having spent the afternoon and night with my bestie S. Code named boozy but don’t be fooled. She has been my friend for over 20 years. I absolutely love her. We are very different in many ways and yet exactly the same in the areas that count. Caring , loyal, and love with all our hearts.
She is the girl from Souf London. Like V she is no nonsense in the sense that she can spot bullshit a mile off and will call someone out on it. Keep it real with this girl. Schmoozy charm does not cut it with her. She sees right through it. And equally she won’t give that out. What you get from her is pure and genuine love that makes you feel like you are very special.
She always says to me, babe you are a darling. What’s not to love about you. You’re the sweetest person ever.
I’ll kick their arse if anyone upsets you. And she totally would. Loyal and protective to the end.
She is also huge amounts of fun. Yeeeaaahhhh!!! Babe!!! Let’s have it!! Words that have been spoken when arranging many a night out. There is no one I would rather be going to Ibiza with. If I am going she will be with me in making it THE greatest trip to Ibiza that the universe has ever seen. When she is with you she is totally with you and you need to keep up. If I will be a bungee jumping granny she will be free jumping stuntwoman flying across skyscrapers. She is totally fearless and full of energy although in between those moments she loves nothing better than chillin at home with a doobie. There is little inbetween. She is either laid back chilled or full throttle fun.
As I say back to her “what’s not to love about you gorgeous”.
Added to that she is the most real and caring and relatable mum that you could ever find. My girl loves her. Her son in his twenties that she had when she was my girls age is so close to her and her other son who is 14 has his very own unique sense of identity and is a little creative genius. Not quite fitting at school he puts up with a lot of shit which he is finding tough and she is finding difficult not to kick their arses but left in his own world of creation he has talents that will one day see him go very far. Sometimes you have to wait for your moment. His moment with like minded types will come I think when he goes to uni. And with his artistic and writing talents I foresee him doing something amazing with his life.
Yesterday he had me filming him in his latest creation of “what it might be like to meet your girlfriends dad”.
I felt like Steven Spielberg as I immersed myself in his comedy drama in which he played all 3 parts. I think he may have looked better in my dress than I do. It’s my holiday favourite I told him. Treat it with love 😊 filming out in the street, at the front door and in the living room I got completely caught up in Action… Cut.
When we called a wrap he said I would be in the credits and would send me the fully edited version. I loved his ideas. Teenagers inspire me a lot.
Perfect Sunday on set filming and in between sitting in the garden with S chatting over Prosecco and snacks. How my days can bring something new all the time.
When I said goodbye to her this morning we did our normal little thing.
Love ya S.. love ya too babe xx Could not be luckier in having found her all those years ago.
I love most people And am always warm and loving to anyone I meet. But unlike the massive, my rare and very special few to me, get my extra most bestest love from the deepest part of my heart. I just love them more, in all their different, unique, beautiful and interesting ways and want them to feel extra love for who they are and what they bring to the world including mine.
I could not have more gratitude than in those special friendships.

So on with my day as the sun continues to shine overhead.
I won’t lie. I’m feeling quietly lucky today if a little tired.
And all because right now I’m loving my own little movie called LIFE.

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