Being a girl

I have just been in the forest standing under a tree listening to the sound of the rain. And it felt lovely. There is such a special magic and romance attached to rain and I smiled to myself in its dreaminess. I wrote something yesterday which I didn’t post because it wasn’t actually what I wanted to say. It was a ramble of many things but didn’t have the essence of why I felt it.
As I was driving back from dropping my girl off at school I knew exactly what I wanted to say and so I’ve started again.
When I was younger I loved the old black and white movies that used to be shown on the tele on a Saturday afternoon. I think on bbc2 probably. They were simple and beautiful stories of love and friendship and romance and bravery and all things wonderful.
I loved them. They were everything I imagined and dreamed my life would be and my heart told me that I had all of the things required to be that.
I had two favourite stories back then. Robin Hood and The Three musketeers. I have watched them in every version they have ever come in and I always love them.
But not for the way they are depicted but for what they represent.
Robin Hood.. taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Im not just talking money. I’m talking about giving time, care, trying to be a good person in what can sometimes be a sad and lonely world and loving with all your heart.
I loved that Robin Hood and Maid Marian didn’t need a single thing other than the shelter of the forest and their love to be happy. But it was also beyond their own happiness. The happiness of others was entwined in that love.
Standing under that tree I felt that. I need very little in this life and yet it feels impossible to obtain this simple thing in this modern world. Why is that?
One of my favourite movies was Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I
loved it because I imagined how happily I could live a life like that. Simple but with pure love and care. I once heard a friend quote the song from that movie.
“ I do it for you”
It is one of my most favourites ever!! I’m sure people would laugh at that but it’s true.
And There was a reason it was number 1 for soooo long!!! Because the sentiment in that song extended beyond my own heart. I think many others related to it . We should do anything for love. If not then what are we all living for. What a pointless existence.

The three musketeers.. all for one and one for all.. sticking together, looking after those you love and beyond. Caring about more than just yourself but being part of something bigger. Loyalty and Love. No man/woman standing alone. If they need you, then you will come together to stand up for what is right and good.
united we stand, divided we fall.

When I was writing yesterday it felt it so easy to become cynical in my thinking.
There are so many things that I see and hear that sit so uncomfortably with me. Cynicism seems to rule quite strongly in this modern world and talk of love and dreamy magic is so easy to laugh at as though your brain is filled with fluff.
It isn’t. But I didn’t want to share that. They are my thoughts and views that have no real purpose other than to guide me to where I sit within all the arguments of life. And yet I sit with no particular group. I’m just me sitting on the line (although some I’m sure would call it a fence) of people equality.
We are all different no matter which group you or others think you belong to. And that is the beauty of life and people. We are complicated and made up of so much which makes us individual and special and worth so much.
So having written about a whole array of things I will condense and say.. I love being a girl, I thought page 3 girls were beautiful and like kiss me quick seaside sunshine, I like nice manners and I’m not offended if someone offers me a seat on the tube or holds the door open, I’d do it for you. I don’t wish to be another sweet in the tinder sweet shop, I don’t like the fact that my girl grows up in a world where it is ok for men to stop at the bus stop asking for sexual favours and drive off laughing and I don’t believe in the idea that romance doesn’t exist anymore. It exists!
But more than anything I still believe in love. Maybe not for me but definitely for you. Because you are worth that and it’s all you will ever need ❤️

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