Live to Laugh

A first for me in quite a while. I randomly met someone I liked today at something I couldn’t be bothered to go to this morning.
I was feeling sad and conflicted about something I didn’t understand and wondering why can’t life just be simple. It makes me just want to sit on my own.

Added to that I had left a cookie on the table and in the middle of the night miss L had strolled up and I was awoken by her crunching. She can’t have chocolate and I panicked that she might choke or be ill while G was still out. So I sat up with her until she came back so I could make sure she was ok and let G know. I felt so guilty. Miss L was ok though. And she sure did enjoy that cookie.

I did manage to drag myself out of bed eventually and go there, but I arrived late and had to find an available seat. There was only a seat in the corner with someone who was sitting on their own. Probably also late. As I sat down in all of a kerfuffle, as the opening chat was already underway, he looked up and smiled and I did a double take. Nice looking fella. With a stubbly beard 😊.. tick ✔️ if I have a type then nice eyes stubbly beard, someone who can make me laugh and is easy and interesting to chat to would be it. Two out of four wasn’t bad. I smiled to myself.

The group separated early on and he trotted off with the other group and I stayed where I was. Meanwhile I sat through a magic show. The disappearing handkerchief and the changing playing card. All part of the learning but like a kid I was of course caught in the magic.
When the other group returned he came back all chatty like I was an old friend and he had been on a little trip. From that moment we were laughing. His Liverpool sense of humour matched mine.
It felt nice. Easy. And I was just me. In all my simple way. Chatty, smiley, fun. Where I feel happiest.
I rarely get that extra feeling of liking someone. Its very unusual. But today I did.
We went and had lunch together. Didn’t talk shop. The chat was all about our lives and who we were as people. He told me he was a rockstar for five minutes once, Lead vocals and guitar. Went to America with his band and was signed up but it was over within seconds. An exciting time in his life though. Came back and got a “proper” job and had been there ever since but I could tell he was still a dreamer. he was interesting and funny And he made me feel like I was too. That sure felt nice.
For the rest of the afternoon we laughed in the corner like we had known each other forever. They took photos of us as it looked like we were loving the training when in fact we were just having fun together. It was nice having that unexpected flirty but comfortable vibe.
And despite everyone “networking” around us we just stuck together and enjoyed the laughs. He had to leave a little earlier to get his train back to Liverpool.

Who knows whether I will see him again. We know how to get in touch if we want to, I’m not sure if I do, but either way it was lovely to meet someone I liked, but even more, that they actually liked me back. I was starting to wonder if I was even worth liking.
I know I’m no Victoria secrets model, I’m just a normal girl. But i did look girly and nice today and I am kind and chatty and lots of fun.
And I love to laugh.
And today someone lovely saw me in that simplest form, just as a girl and they liked it.
And it made my day magic 😊


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