Blowing bubbles next to a blue sky

Today I was up very early. Things to do.
The sun is shining which makes it that bit harder to stay in doors and sort the things that I’ve been putting off.
Those practicalities of life that require a laptop.
I just about manage with that at work.
But not to be deterred I decided to put on a holiday dress. I may not be going to the beach but I can look like I am. Completely not fitting with the wardrobe of the local high street but fuck it, I love it and I feel like wearing it in the sun.
I saw it in the window of a charity shop last year and it was always going to be mine.
A strapless maxi dress. Sky blue with white tie dye that makes it look lit it is covered in fluffy white clouds. I was a walking sky.
I had a couple of jobs to do one of which was going to the bank. As I wandered in there was a queue. I was standing behind a tall black man with a beard. He was older. Late forties at a guess. But he was blowing bubble gum bubbles and he looked about eight. It made me smile.
As I smiled he said something to me. I didn’t quite catch it.
I said “sorry what was that?”
He said “you look so beautiful”.
What a lovely thing to be told in the queue of the bank. .
“Thankyou so much I said”
I commented on him blowing bubbles. He told me that his family always tell him off. He’s too old to blow bubble gum bubbles.
“How can you be too old for that” I said.
We both decided that you can never be too old to do anything if it makes you happy.
He went on to show me a picture of his young son and his new baby grandson. A handsome boy and a cute baby. He looked so proud.
As we were chatting an old lady came in with her walking stick. Come to the front he said. We can wait. She looked pleased and off she went to the front of the queue before our counters became available.
As I left I said to him how lovely it was to meet him and he checked that I had my sunglasses. I did.
And behind those glasses my eyes felt like they were sparkling in feeling some sweetness from a stranger.
Little things make such a huge difference in my world.

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