The power of love.. until you stomp all over my values. You lit It now feel my fire.
While the sun was shining at 35 degrees I was like a 1000 degree bubbling volcano ready to explode. What lit that fire.
Equality… people’s worth whoever they are and wherever they come from. Equality is equality. Not everyone except for you. Everyone!!!!
I started on my own road to realising my own worth. I was offered paid employment where I have been working for the past 2 years. Ive worked my arse off for that and I’m deserving of it. I don’t expect anything to be handed to me on a silver platter. Everything I am and everything I do is backed up by hard work and determination.
Give me the opportunities and I’ll show you what I’m made of.
That’s the way it works for me. Pushing through others judgements to get to where I want to get to without using or squashing others en route. I call it integrity. This is just the start of my push to make a better life for me and my girl and I have a raging fire in me to do it but not just for me. I’m in it for others otherwise its completely meaningless.
If I’m going to be recognised for my worth I certainly want to bring others with me. We can all be more than what we are given.

Having finally released all my miss angry over the last few posts along with 1 therapy session with J and a scamper along like a ten year old with not my dog Miss L I’m back in chilled out waters.
But the fire was lit by thoughts of equality and people’s worth.
I don’t think J knew what had hit her when I trotted in with talks of racism, sexism and the epic disgrace and tragedy of a society where kids killing kids is hidden somewhere behind other nonsense. This should be black and white front page news every single day of the week where everyone is screaming what the hell is going wrong here. How do we fix this? We need to fix this. One kids life is too many. What are the inequalities that drive that?
I see this as the single most important thing happening right now and should be sending shockwaves through every one of us in thinking what part are we playing in this.
I could ramble on about why I feel so strongly about this but the bottom line is the concept of being sidelined for not fitting with an idea of what has value. They find themselves with having nothing better to aim for so are caught in the trap of a place where they feel wanted, belong and are given status.
Nothing to do with you?
Then ask yourself.. who are all those “cool kids” in 35 degree heat playing in the snow. Those other kids are part of the machine that gets it there. Those “cool kids”fun and party is those other kids route to a pound note or a concrete slab. Have a great high.
Fear dictates so carrying for protection is high.
These things are only norms if we accept them rather than screaming out actually all our kids matter.
We all fucking matter. All of us!!!
Aren’t we all worth just as much as the next person.
Rather than those who think they are better sitting in judgement but being part of the problem. We are all part of the problem because we don’t demand better for everyone.
Why do we have those beautiful million pound houses on one side of the road and the poor estate sitting on the other side.
While yummy mummies are drinking their mocha lattes before yoga there are other mummies trying to make ends meet with 3 jobs whilst trying to help their kids find better opportunities
Do I have the answers? I wish. I wish I could wave a wand and make that right but I think it takes a whole nation to stand up and say what do we want our landscape to look like. Just one for the privileged few.? Closed eyes for what does not fit our own little beautiful worlds.
I count myself in this too. How easy it is to get wrapped up in the day to day looking to have fun and pleasure in this one life we are given. But how does a life time worth of pleasure equate to a 14 years end…
The victims are beyond the victims. These kids are born into a world that puts them in the scrap heap before they start. Segregating what fits to the mainstream and what sits outside it. Good schools for the privileged and then whatever for the others.
Are we so loving of a pound note now that we value it more than life.
Another beautiful day in the sunshine. I’m sure I will fill it with my own brand of wonder and magic but the magic I would really love to see is a world where everyone’s life is valued equally.
Eutopian dream maybe.. but if we aren’t striving for that then someone tell me what’s the point!.

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