Thinking of you…

Sometimes people say to me “ I thought about you when …”
What a lovely thing it is to be though about. And I find myself wondering, what did you think?
I think about people I love all the tine. They are on my mind in so many moments. I think ..They would love that, that would make them laugh.. no I can hear them laugh, what would they see,?, what would it be like if they were here with me, I wonder where they are? I hope they are happy.
I miss them. I love them.
I often think I spend more time actually thinking about those people than I actually spend with them.
Which has more value?
When they are right there in it with me or when I think of them.
When they are there It is shared and that memory belongs to both of us. A moment of magic that remains in me for all time. Will it be one of those moments that flash before my eyes in those last breaths i take as they say they do.
And then I think about those thoughts I have of others who are special to me. They will never be aware of those. They will never know of the beauty of their image coming to mind and being an important element of what that moment was. Sometimes it will make me smile or chuckle to myself in imagining them in it with me and other times it will fill me with sadness that they are not but ultimately they made it there in that small way. Or is it small? Of all the people that surround me it is generally the same people who come into my mind in special moments and that says so much about what they mean to me.
And yet they will never be aware that.
Even as I write this I have someone in my mind in seeing a blue sky through the gaps of strangers on the tube. Not a cloud in my sky and warmth enveloping me in the magic of both this life and what connects us as humans.
Beyond the real but held in thoughts.
Perhaps Im not completely out of sparkle yet…


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