A Spontaneous Adventure

This morning I forgot I didn’t need to be at work until 11 so I’ve taken the opportunity to go to the caff opposite. I’m proper hank. I never got the chance to eat last night.
I’m sitting outside watching the world go by but it’s less croissants and expressos and more sausage sani and cup of Rosie. . I like both.
What’s interesting though on a lovely warm and sunny day like this is that despite the lack of glamorous surroundings and the cor blimey accents like my own there is very little difference.
I have a group of old fellas sitting next to me laughing and chatting about life. Saying hello to passers by that they recognise. Across the road is the beauty box. All pink chairs, mini red carpet and some sparkle from a giant chandelier I can see through the window.
They may not have Chanel and Christian Dior next door but they are there all smiley faced and welcoming to make the special ladies of this area feel beautiful. They may not turn up in designer wear but they have a design that is so much more special. I see it a lot round here beneath the outer packaging of primani. 100 per cent genuine. The fella next door commented that he was feeling a little gay with his man bag. Just a phrase. There’s no malice or offence meant in that. He’s just spent 10 minutes listening to his friend talking about his hospital appointment and throwing a few funnies back at him to lighten the mood. It needed lightening after the story of the person who died of sepsis. Blimey that’s a cheerful story ain’t it he said to me. You got anything a little more cheery? Something very sweet about this little band of brothers.
I laughed with them when some boy racer flew pass with an engine that sounded like it should have been at brands hatch but the exterior a little like the motors that used to do the circuit down Southend sea front when I was a kid selling doughnuts. Haha that always felt so glamorous to me at the time with the girls in their tiny body con dresses and high heels. Now there was an ambition I achieved. I was pretty fit back then and I became one of those for a while.

Anyways my main reason for this post was to talk of my night out with Miss L
Last night G was out. Her fella from Sweden is over and she asked if I might look out for Miss L.
Totally!!! But I felt like taking us both on a little adventure. I got the tube home, knocked back a glass of water, picked her up we were back out and on the tube into central London. A walk together along the river was my plan.
En route I thought that I would spontaneously shout out to my friend and see if she wanted to take her girls for a stroll too.

Pick me up on the way she said.
True to my friends way when I arrived she completely rolled over my plan with a brand new one. I had to laugh. Suffice to say that I never made it to the river but my friend who gave me the full details of the worst day of her life felt the benefit of miss L’s fluffiness. Funny how a bit of fluff can go a long way sometimes. And I think she needed it. As we sat in the same park from days of old and chatted about her world she gradually chilled and I felt she was so much better when I dropped her off. I think I got a brief 5 mins to tell her my news as we said goodbye 😊 I didn’t mind. I was feeling good and happy and not in need of anything other than an adventure in the sun with not my dog.
When we were kicked out at closing time we walked to the exit with 3 guys visiting from India. I can’t remember their names only the meanings smile, happy and 1 other I can’t remember but it felt a little like Snow Whites dwarves. They were so friendly. Smile said he thought my dog was pretty and I was like a Greek goddess.. I laughed so much. I could not be less Grecian goddess but I’ll take that I said. He asked about drinks. On my way home I said. They seemed like nice fellas. I hope they have fun on their trip.

Now I can chat to anyone when I’m out and about but miss L certainly is a bridge to that. The lovely student nurse I met on the way up there who couldn’t stop telling me about what her last couple of years had been. I loved her passion and care for what she was trying to be. I told her that if ever I’m in hospital I hope she is my nurse. She had such a lovely way to her. She said that no one talks on the tube anymore. It was really nice to chat. I then had a series of smilers and hellos as the tube filled up a little more. When I started walking around it felt like I had some hot guy by my side. Girls were looking to their boyfriends saying I want one of those.
I certainly didn’t look back thinking the same.

Every homeless man We passed was full of her. Telling me about the dogs they used to have for company or from their past. She did the cute and I did the chat and together we made them smile. That felt like a nice feeling for both of us. I would like to get more involved in stuff like that.

On the way home everyone wanted a piece of her. I said to one fella, she’s a little like a miniature love island contestant. Her head is very easily turned by someone new. We were laughing.

When we finally returned home at about 11 we were both knackered. She had some water and then immediately fell asleep in her bed.
I smiled at how together we had created something magical and then I too fell into the land of dreams.
Dreams of making life what I wish it to be.
Happy, Care Free and filled with Love. Simples!

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