Crossing a border is exactly how I’m feeling this morning . How strange that song and clip found me. It touched me in a way that Is difficult to describe. How visually it represented so much of what has sat inside of me and the lyrics my thoughts. It joined up my dots , it showed me the connections that I could see but did not want to, it made me brave.
On this sunny morning I feel so peaceful. The kind of peace that lifts you above what is happening around you. To a new place of wonder where everything looks clearer, more vibrant more colourful, more exquisite.
To say this has been a life long battle is an understatement but particularly over the past 6 years and that letter. A changing point that affected my life in a way that I struggled to cope with.
A loss that could not be replaced and a hole that was so vast I did not know how to fill it.
All my happiness that I had found was washed into an ocean and I struggled to find it. Swimming around searching and searching but finding myself further and further away from what I was looking for.
I went for dinner last night with L&M and my girl cane too. An evening of pink gin and chats.
It was the lovely M”s birthday.
3 of my most favourite girls all around one table. Pure and beautiful friendship and love that you can’t create it just exists. Because we all care about each other.
We have seen each other ride the waves of magic but we have also watched each other struggle and fall.
But still we stand together
How apt to be surrounded by my angels. Lovely actually.
On the way back to my car M said to me that she felt like she had lost her sparkle.
We never lose our sparkle. It sometimes just lies dormant inside. After I dropped her off and me and my girl drove home I thought to myself how much I saw all that sparkle around the table from each and every one of them.
As the saying goes ..
sparkle is in the eye of the beholder ✨🌟✨ ❤️

Im playing this song on repeat. Just because it is beautiful.


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