A kiss on the hand x

Today as I was walking through borough market I stopped to have a chat with the man selling The Big Issue. Well I say I stopped.. in fact he grabbed my hand as if to dance with me in the middle of a crowd of people and I was instantly captivated by his beautiful smile.
He was pure charm but in the most wonderful and sunny way.
It was as though borough market melted away and I was standing on a Caribbean beach with the waves rolling in about to be twirled under that hot sun.
He kissed my hand in such a gentlemanly fashion and asked me my name. I was smiling so much. From the crowd of people walking through he had found me in my summer smiles today. I loved chatting with him.
3 hugs later and a parting kiss on my hand we said goodbye. See you when we get married. I was all the happier for meeting him and being given a moment of pure sunshine.
Who doesn’t want to be cuddled as they walk down the street. I’m open to that kind of sweet affection that made me feel like I had a flower in my hair and sent me skipping towards the river. Magical moments come in all sorts of ways and that one felt beautifully genuine. Weird how I felt so me in that moment.
Just before that I had read something that my friend had sent to me in the morning. Something also filled with a pure honesty that had provided the smile that had prompted my hand to be held.
How strange this world moves along connected by randomness that creates a response in me.
Do I see the world like others. I don’t know. I see it how I see it.
And unless you have my eyes you won’t know what it looks like to me.
Nature/nurture who knows the definitive answer but something makes me find my perfect and wonderful in things that sit beyond what’s right in front of me. Feeling a magic in people that touch me in ways that is always difficult to describe. As though I should see it like this but I see it like that.
I feel like I’m making no sense. I like the feeling of a scrambled head.
A kiss on the hand can scramble a dreamy girls head.
I wonder what people see as I drift along in my day dreams.
Am I seen as I appear. In what I see when I look in the mirror. Or are there others that see beyond that outer shell to what lies beneath.
Who knows.
What I do know is how important genuine and honesty are for me. I feel it when it is given in its purest and most simple form. There is real beauty for me in that.
I feel completely safe in that. The stuff that surrounds it is lost on me. It doesn’t even register. But the realness in that honesty of thought and feeling is priceless and perfect.
Feeling safe to show it is a happiness that can’t be measured and I appreciate it in whatever format it comes in. Because I trust it.

And as for my Caribbean sunshine .. let those moments never stop finding their way to me. That’s exactly how life should be.


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