The 50 Pence

”Find a penny, pick it up, then all day you’ll have good luck”
I had the munchies. I’m a total snacker. It’s an in house joke at work in how much chocolate, crisps and rubbish I can plough my way through and still be a size 8. Im always bloody running and working. Sound familiar?
6 pack of Freddos or a bounty for breakfast is pretty normal. Well it is the taste of paradise.
I found myself searching for change in my bag mid morning to fuel myself up for some more boring admin.
I have a purse of course but generally you”ll find all my money sprinkled about randomly in my bag. On the odd occasion when I feel a need to be more organised and tidy it up I give myself a little lottery winning moment when I find a sneaky fiver tucked in a forgotten pocket and I do a little dance in my head in celebration 🥳
Yesterday as I was rummaging around in the bottom of my bag I pulled out a 50p.
Not any normal 50p.
This one was extremely shiny and had the 1918 Representation of the People on the back.
Giving rights to men over the age of 21 to vote whether or not they owned a property. There’s a whole lot more detail to it than that including new rights for women. I mean small strides against where we are today and even smaller in where I would prefer us to be tomorrow but big strides then in paving the way to more equality. I loved what it represented.
And I know I bang on about equality all the time. But frankly what could be more important.
More power to the people. All the people. Whatever you race, class, gender, sexuality. The list goes on.
Paving the way for future struggles in seeking out more equality in a world that loves to talk it but never puts its money where it’s mouth is.
Paddle your own canoe is a phrase I hear often from people who fall outside of those groups of influence. I mean you only have to look at our government to see who the group of influence are. And it’s very rare I hear anyone who sounds anything like me.
I always love hearing the so called educated ramble on as though they know best. Why? Because you spent time in those very institutions who continue to fuel those inequalities.
Drip feeding you their version of what the world looks like and what has value and what does not. We know best! Says who?
I have met many an ignorant educated person who can’t see beyond their own back garden.
You have to open your own eyes, mind and heart to see beyond what you have been told. In favour of seeing what is right in front of you.
No one has all the answers. I don’t care how clever anyone thinks they are.
The most intelligent people I’ve ever met are the ones who look, listen (hear) and then form an opinion beyond their own experiences.
There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained and shared though others but you have to be open to not being the expert in what they know and understand.
I hear it with friends whose worlds look so different to mine and I can’t see it unless I try to see it through their eyes.
I want to see it because otherwise how else will I ever understand it.
But there is such a fear in sharing. What if they don’t like how it looks through my eyes?
We only know what we know and every individuals eyes are different.
Wow!!! With all those different eyes providing a vision I wonder what the world could look like.
And yet why is it that it always feels like it’s the same voices I hear.
I dream of a revolution where all those who feel like they are not being heard or seen and don’t have those same basic privileges of equality of opportunity, rise up in all their similarities  and differences,  and say we deserve better.
I might be wrong but I think most people just want to be happy and free and equal.
I put that 50p back in my bag. It held a whole lot more value in that moment than a wispa.
Sometimes food for thought keeps me going.

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