The Girl Next Door

Day 2 And 3
All my friends know that I’m not a planner. I suppose life moves along in a less haphazard way when there is a plan.
A perfectly worked out itinerary… let’s face it that was never gonna happen despite my best intentions.
Working it out as I go is totally how I roll. Not always the best in finding my way but somehow I always manage to get somewhere even if I go all round the houses and end up in a different destination to the place I originally thought.
Every early morning I have been sitting on my balcony with the sound of the church bells. They remind me of the Austrian mountains. A tiny place high up in the mountains that I also felt very at home in, and a favourite of mine. Riding our bikes through the mountains and finding quiet, remote and beautiful places to share love.
Anyways, this is my little moment to think and write before a day of living.
The last 2 days have been full of unplanned adventure.
It turns out when I was upgraded to another hotel it came with a Michelin star restaurant. With food that I could only dream of eating at home. Bounty bars for breakfast are a distant memory right now. I actually am in paradise. All thrown in as part of my bargain leaving me not worrying about how much money I haven’t got to spend while I’m here. I’ve literally thrown everything I have at the trip to Capri and shoe stringing it up for the rest which is proving so easy here with all the breathtaking beauty that costs nothing but is worth everything.
And I feel really at home here. Like I fit with the Sorrento vibe. Often when I’m away I feel like I fit more there than I do at home.
If I could, I think I would fly from place to place like a gypsy fairy and never settle anywhere in particular.
Find me if you can.
But as my girl is my number 1 that would never happen.. just saying.. it is probably where I would be at my most selfish happiest.

So back to my trip, as ever I was so busy day dreaming on the bus and looking around at everything that i forgot to get off when I was meant to and ended up somewhere in the hills. Following 2 people off the bus who looked like they were going somewhere. I had no idea? Could have been going to mamas house.
Following them down a windy path as though I had climbed a ladder only to be sent back down a long snake to the beginning.
But what was found at the bottom was a tiny lagoon surrounded by rocks and caves. Tucked away from view but with lots of happy and chilled out people swimming and sunbathing in this quiet and unspoilt part of Sorrento.
Had I got off when I meant to I would never have found it. It wasn’t in the guidebook.. well actually maybe it was but as I never read one i wouldn’t know.
But swim we did. And it felt wonderful. Like being in a lost and forgotten place for mermaids like my mermazing friend probably came from.
Laying on a rock as mermaids do, brushing our hair before jumping back in the water amongst all the happy souls around us. Well that felt like a perfect place to be lost. we will be coming back again before we go. Suddenly I felt love. Love for Sorrento in allowing me to be lost in it and finding treasure that I wasn’t looking for. A continued theme over the last couple of days. Finding a place in all sorts of random from serving cocktails behind the bar at the rooftop cocktail bar. The Italian waiters took a shine to our smiley and sunny dispositions and I found myself shaking cocktails. Something I feel very proficient in. To stumbling into a fashion show and taking my seat as the models strutted past with their amazing figures and beautiful faces but sour puss expressions. Funny how apparently sexy comes with a slapped arse.
Being approached by an Italian man whilst sitting outside an ice cream shop. As I enjoyed my mint choc chip ice cream he asked me if I was dreaming of love and then promptly gave me his number.
I know L&M. This is becoming a regular occurrence on my travels. He asked for mine but I politely declined. He was nice though.
Nello… or as I called him limoncellonello. It made him laugh.
I won’t be ringing but I quite like the idea of a number to ring at any glamorous destination of my choosing.
It certainly made me laugh to myself later as I was lying on my luxury pool lounger.
Perhaps my pale and freckly skin makes me exotic elsewhere.
2 more days of fantasy before I return to reality and with a trip to Capri tomorrow anything is possible.
I think perhaps I am feeling the fireworks of fantasy before returning to the girl I am. Sometimes life requires you to become beyond what you are and I smile at where that takes me.
But underneath I like being the girl next door She has more to her than meets the everyday eye and she knows how to find her place anywhere. The girl next door… but I never said next door to where?

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