The Man Who Collects Likes…

The man who collects likes ..
This is a short post about a little thought that has been on my mind at several times recently.
Very few people know about my blog let alone read it.
I write it in the main because it helps me make sense of what I’m thinking and feeling and is a tiny creative outlet for the girl who wants so much to create.
But once upon a time I collided with the lab coat scientist who liked my post and I laughed when reading his to find that liking a post was a very well thought out and successful strategy in gaining likes for his. It felt so cynical and yet it appears it works as I think perhaps it does in real life for some. But so different from my romantic and and dreamy notion of connecting with a few but on a much more deep and meaningful level. I don’t need to be liked by many. The few are my special.
I commented at the time how much I loved that the dreamy and the logical had collided.
I felt connected in that very difference.
Every now and then at random times and especially more recently I have received likes from the scientist which have made me smile but also left me wondering…. do you read it? Or do I post just in the right moment when you are collecting your likes? Timing is everything I guess. I found what I wasn’t looking for when I wasn’t looking for it.
I referred to it scientifically as a “lightning bolt”.
As I think about it I find that in fact I’m not even sure that I need to know whether you read it. There is something lovely in thought that perhaps you do. That in my most epic experiment called life, you catch those little minute details that only a scientist might note.
There is a mountain adventurer who loves a jacuzzi sitting behind that white lab coat. A detail that made me smile at the time in seeing a tiny glimpse of what lies beyond your coat.
Either way, in your pursuit of collecting your likes I’m sending a very big like back in return

Thankyou Scientist 😊

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