To Love Someone

I once gave this song to someone I love.
It was given with my whole heart.
A heart that has made me feel foolish and stupid. A heart that others have laughed at and made me feel less.
But it was given with such pure and genuine feeling because I believed they were someone very special that I found without looking.

That same heart is driving me to take care of someone who loves me. And I have loved.
To try and resolve the difficulties that have evolved from the trauma of losing someone that loved them more than anything in this world.
Their broken heart in not having time to say the things they wished they had said or do the things they wish they had done.
And yet in that moment when that love was so required they gave it with everything they were. Bearing such pain and sorrow that can only be understood in those beautiful and heartbreaking moments between them.

My heart is breaking from losing someone I love. Someone I will always love.
And I don’t care if that makes me sound foolish and stupid. That’s just the truth. It was then and it is now. Because that is how I feel and you can’t change that however much you try.
Because to love someone is just to love them.

I will continue to try and find extra strength to help carry the pain of someone who needs me right now, so that we can try to get to a place where we are both able to be happy in the lives that we choose when we part. I owe it to them and to the person who loved them and they took care of.

Love goes beyond what is sensible, and normal, and what you could or should do.

It is about what you feel in your heart. And sometimes that really hurts.

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