Pay it forward

There are moments in life where you pay it forward.
One night when I was sitting in the dark on my swing I received an email from a friend. She knew she could not change things for me or wave a wand to make things better. What she wrote made me cry as I swung.
When I felt so incredibly alone and hopeless and felt darker inside than the sky that surrounded me she provided a light that kept me going. Just in that moment when I didn’t think I had an ounce of strength left in me.
Today I wanted to thank her by telling her what that hand on that night meant to me.
It meant Everything! This is her song. She was that hand.
I often hear from the people I listen to of those moments when someone reaches out a hand. I heard it today and it made me want to hold out my hand to my friend who is struggling with his family. Carrying huge sadness but they bravely struggle on in silence. What amazing people they are.
He is one of the nicest people I know and can call my friend.
Sometimes it’s easy to worry that they might not want it. That you are imposing, that they need space or that they are doing ok.
And yet just by offering a hand it is saying I care.
To feel like someone cares… sometimes it’s all you need in those moments.

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