The morning sky

More complications and more delays. Will I ever get us to that safety? Even more paperwork required by the lender to unravel the mess.
The frustration in P grows and I felt tired last night. I just needed to sleep.
So much to deal with.
His dad had his operation yesterday. Finally!
They removed the tumour from his leg. He is recovering.
In a few weeks news of how much that poison had spread.
The hopes that it hasn’t gone into his bones.
The sadness of remembering what that looks like being revisited time and time again.
A poison that has continued to travel through the lives of people who are trying. Trying so hard to get to better places.
Just like those bones crumbling under the pressures of what can’t be controlled and holding on tightly to the hope of what can.
Even the back door is buggered. But as I walked the long way round from sitting on my swing in the garden I was greeted by a beautiful pink and blue sky of such beauty trapped in between the high walls of the the two Imposing walls of flats.
I captured it with wonder. And it provided that little hope I so need to continue. Small insignificant things that make those biggest differences when I allow them to find their way in.
Reminding me of what a better place looks like and can be created in a moment on a new morning.
Dig a little deeper, try a little harder. Don’t give up!

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