Life’s too Short

I found out today that one of my best friends from school has been diagnosed with cancer.
She is one of the quietest, sweetest and funniest people I know. And I’ve known her a long time. Since we were 13.
One of two people I have contact with from school.
I’ve said before that I’m not a Social media girl. But they were my besties and through all life’s changes they have remained in the mix.
They are not part of my every day. We only talk randomly and I see them one a year to catch up.
Last time I saw them both it was really lovely.
Return to an Italian restaurant we went to on my 16th birthday. The night I fell off the train as it was still moving.
We have been trying to set a date for ages but because of all the chaos of life we have put it back several times.
Again I wasn’t ready to tell them what was happening in my world until I was in a better place with it. Didn’t want to answer questions or worry them. What a crock. They don’t give a shit. We have been friends since we were 13. Shit has happened from the first time we went to the cinema and JM got his foot stuck in between the seats.
Through all our individual fuck ups and dramas of life we are still friends. How easy it is to forget something so basic and simple.
So dancing we will go in November.
Shouldn’t really take something so serious to see the people you care about.
A massive lesson learnt today and taken right in.
Told a friend the other day that I wasn’t ready to see them right now. Fuck that! Life’s too fucking short and unpredictable and not the first time I have been reminded of that.

A song from M’s bedroom when we were 13 and one of N’s favourites.


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