S is for Super

S for Super!

I went to bed last night feeling so rough. Sick, full of a cold and unable to get to sleep. Eventually after drinking lots of hot water and tossing and turning on the settee I finally fell asleep at 1.30 am only to wake up at 4.30 am feeling even worse.
I guess it’s a given. I’ve put myself through a lot, I’m tired, run down and I can’t say I’ve been providing myself with much of that self care that my colleagues Twitter on about constantly. I know.. but yoga sessions and coffee mornings haven’t been high on my priorities and probably would have seen me punching some annoying well meaning type if they had suggested it.
Anyways I couldn’t get back to sleep but I did see a message on my Justice League group chat from Superman.
It was a little motivational message on a mirror in some pub he was in watching the rugby in yesterday.

If you quit now..

You’ll endup right back where you first began

And when you first began you were desperate to be where you are

Right now

Keep Going!

When I read it I thought, this couldn’t be any further from my truth.
But I thought there’s definitely legs in it. So I switched it around a little.. red coat style

If you quit now ..
you’ll end up right back where you first began.

If you don’t quit..
you might still end up where you first began but you will have learnt a lot of lessons along the way.

If you keep on going..

you might end up somewhere you were never desperate to get to when you first began but is exactly where you are meant to be.

Keep going!
Dream Bigger!
Perseverance is everything! 😊

It made me happy as I made myself some toast.

Yesterday gave me the hope and a safe place for people I care about.
What I realised is that in order to push forward I need to know that others are safe and happy. It is most important to me. More important than anything.
I have always been scared of the big unknown. Of what might happen. Of what could go wrong. Of whether I might fail or be laughed at. Just scared.
But in facing something head on with no control in the outcome only giving my best and pushing myself to my limits I realise that anything, everything is possible if you persevere, hold on to some belief and never give up.

I feel proud to be a woman amongst other men and women.
What quiet, understated and hidden powers we all have.

Not sure I’ll be flying around saving the world today .. I need to sleep and get myself better..

But I felt myself smiling in the thought of rebuilding what I built before only this time I’m gonna dream bigger!

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