After chatting to my two friends yesterday I was taken right back to that time in our life when we talked about life like we were gonna be living in a movie.
We all have our favourites. The one that inspired us to be more.
Mine? Flashdance.. it’s a classic.
“She’s a maniac” being the song that I loved. I knew it so well that I used to prance around in my bedroom without any music in my knickers and a tied up vest top like I worked at a strip club.
I knew the moves and I hit them like a machine gun .. bam bam bam.
I loved to dance. I always wanted to be a dancer but as I never had a single lesson that was unlikely but I didn’t care. The pipe dream. Here was the working class girl who like a tom boy worked at the steel mills by day and by night was an exotic dancer at a club. I wanted to be her.
I believed I could be, and would walk about in life as though I was, and there was a shit hot soundtrack playing in the background. It’s why I have always loved playing music in my ears as I travel. Daydreaming that I was the Girl next door but with fuck me boots sexy.
I used to run on the spot after I had washed my hair pretending that I also was in training.
Totally was in training. My imagination has conjured up a lifetime of bigger and better than reality. Making the simple stuff into so much more.
I struggled to do that for the past 3 months. I lost that magic. But without it what the hell is life about … I feel like I’m coming back.. so you better watch out … because I’m a maniac

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